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An Open Letter to Rachel Lindsay, re: Making a Case for Why You're The Best

All hail Queen Rachel

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Dear Rachel Lindsay,

Consider this a formal thank you for gifting us an amazing (and totally swoon-worthy) season of The Bachelorette and, more importantly, for restoring our faith in the entire franchise.

“The real reason we watch the show is for the love story—as lame as that might sound. We watch it to get butterflies in our stomachs when something cute happens. We watch it to feel all the emotion and the fireworks with you from our couches at home. We watch it for the fairytale. And we’ve been robbed of that this season.”

The above quote is taken from an open letter we wrote to Nick Viall a few months ago during his major letdown of a season.

We were legitimately concerned that after Nick’s season, the love we had for The Bachelor—and consequently The Bachelorette—would never be the same again.

Then you walked through the mansion door.

You were—in our opinion—the show’s saving grace and even though ratings for this season *might* be a bit lower (SRSLY don’t get that) we couldn’t be more pleased with the job you’ve done as our Bachelorette.

You’re a lawyer, so we know you’re going to expect some evidence to support our claims. So now that we’ve given you our highest praise and bashed your ex-BF a little bit (sorry about that) let us prove exactly how you made this season of The Bachelorette the most satisfying we’ve seen in a while.

Exhibit A: We get the feels every. single. episode.

This is an important one and was a huge reason pretty much the only reason Nick’s season was a total bust. The Bachelor/ette is based on love and romantic connections and while yes, drama is a prevalent factor as well (we won’t lie the whole Whaboom vs. Blake E. banana-eating thing did give us pleasure), the love-and-romance part is supposed to come first and foremost. And if the viewer isn’t getting any feels at all, what’s the point of even watching it? But this season, we felt the feels, and we felt them good. Your first kiss with Peter sent shivers down our spine (in all the best ways, of course) and your dreamy kisses with Dean had us feeling hotter than the freaking Sahara Desert.

And not only did we get lovey-dovey butterflies in our stomachs pretty much every single ep, we also got emotional with you, too—something we never did during Nick’s season. Even when you had to say goodbye to Matt (and, let’s be honest, dude was pretty insignificant) we could feel your pain radiating through our TV screens.

These are all things we expect from a show that promises romance, and thanks to you we finally got it after a very dry season of The Bachelor.

The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay on a 1-on-1 date with Peter

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Exhibit B: Everything you do, we agree with

We’ve been watching The Bachelorette for a loooong time (like, really long) and over the years there’s been some Bachelorettes that we truly loved (we’re obviously talking about the always-funny Kaitlyn Bristowe here) and there’s been a few that, to put it nicely, we weren’t so fond of (*cough cough* DeAnna Snoozefest Pappas). But never have we ever agreed with a Bachelorette the way we do with you. Pretty much every decision you’ve made thus far we’ve applauded; like when you decided to get rid of Whaboom and Blake E. early on—despite the producers most defs doing everything in their power to keep them around—or when you decided to give Peter, Eric and Bryan second 1-on-1s while Matt and Adam sat there twiddling their thumbs with zero 1-on-1s under their belt (gotta do what you gotta do). And OK maybe we didn’t exactly cheer you on when you sent our Deanie Baby home, but we could respect that it was probably most definitely the right decision for you and we eventually came around. Plus, it gave us more time to stare at his perfect face in Paradise anyway.

But in all seriousness, do you know how refreshing and satisfying it is as a viewer to agree with EVERYTHING the lead does? It’s an amazing thing and watching you make all the right decisions (*very* good call on that three-hour hot tub sesh with Peter, BTW) has been way more fun than sitting there thinking, WTF is this idiot doing? every episode.

Side note: The only thing we *won’t* agree with is if you choose Bryan in the end, but we’ll cross that bridge when/if we come to it.

Exhibit C: You’ve taken the lead

Seeing that you are the lead of the show, this one might sound like a given but in reality, it’s not. We’ve had Bachelorettes in the past who, even though they’re the ones calling the shots, still let the guys sit in the driver’s seat (JoJo and Jordan’s relationship is a perf example of this, IMO). But you’ve taken charge in every one of your relationships this season (minus, maybe, what you have going on with Peter*) and it’s been absolutely inspiring to watch. The thing that we love most is that you’re not afraid to challenge these guys, no matter how uncomfortable and squirm-ish it makes them. Like remember when you tried to get Dean to open up and he started babbling on about tooth fairies and dinosaurs? Or when you wanted more from Eric during your Fantasy Suite dinner date and you could tell he was totally intimidated by your ‘Let’s get straight to the point’ approach? No matter how awkward these types of conversations can be in the moment, when you want to get something out of a guy, you make damn well sure that you get it. #Goals much?

*While you have stood your ground and stayed true to what you want out of all this (an engagement, duh), Peter has also taken his fair share of turns in the driver’s seat. But, whatever, we DO NOT object.

The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay saying that's how it's done

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So there you have all the reasons why your season was a hell of a lot more satisfying to watch than Nick’s, and as far as we’re concerned, a lot of other seasons of Bachelor/ette.

To wrap it up, we’d just like to say thank you one more time for saving a show we hold so dear to our hearts. We’ve been truly #blessed to call you our Bachelorette these past couple months and we can’t wait to watch as your journey to love comes to an end and you leave Spain with a Neil Lane sparkler on your ring finger. So, let us all raise a glass of champagne to celebrate Rachel Lindsay; our Bachelorette, our Queen, our saving grace. We wish you a life full of love and happiness—even if it is with Bryan (ugh).



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