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Romantic Gesture or Red Flag? Luke P. Doesn't Have Me Fooled

Based on the preview for this season, Luke P. isn't going to be viewed as Mr. Right for long

A photo of contestant on The Bachelorette Luke P with a red haze on it and a purple background, he looks serious

Nothing about The Bachelorette is normal. I don’t know about you, but typically my dates don’t include helicopter rides or multiple men competing in a pageant for my affection. There aren’t roses to hand out at the end of the night, and it isn’t a given that the men in your vicinity will be into you. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the idea of “group dates” because, wowzers, in the real world that would be *complicated*.

Bachelor Nation is a place where the typical romance—like seeing one person, or maybe a few people, at a time and going on dates that consist of a casual coffee or food that is actually eaten—are tossed out the window in favour of a TV-worthy fairytale storyline. But sometimes, some contestants take this fairtytale too far.

This season, it’s wide-eyed, super-buff Luke P.

This dude has been a clear frontrunner for Hannah’s heart since they first met on After the Final Rose. As Season 15 kicked off, he won the coveted First Impression Rose in Episode 1 and plenty of makeout time with Hannah. There’s no doubt that there are sparks between Hannah and Luke P.—she legit looks at him like I look at a McDonald’s Big Mac, ready to be devoured—but the producers are dropping hints that what seems romantic right now may in fact be a red flag as we get deeper into the season.

Here are the moments that made us wary of the 24-year-old “good Christian boy” from Georgia:

Red flag #1: The jacket

Luke P. may have earned the First Impression Rose from Hannah on night one, but Bachelor Nation wasn’t quite as convinced. He went outside to check on Hannah after she had to take the trash out. At first this seemed romantic—he appeared genuinely concerned for her after what had to be a difficult situation (more on that later.) But then when she mentioned that she was chilly, he basically nodded and continued his convo. Anyone who has watched any rom-com ever knows that’s the signal for a dude to offer his jacket to the shivering lady (women are more sensitive to cold, it’s science)—and yet, nada.

I mean, it’s not a massive red flag, but this moment could be read as Luke P. not listening to Hannah’s needs or feelings. (Granted, none of the other men in this season seem to be taking these hints either—lookin’ at you, Tyler C.)

Red flag #2: “I did start developing feelings for you before I ever met you”

Things on The Bachelorette happen fast. Contestants fall in love and get engaged within a matter of weeks, which in the real world would be the anomaly, not the norm. It’s an accelerated timeline, and that tone is set from the beginning. When Luke P. first met Hannah on last season’s After the Final Rose, he said, “You were the only one that I wanted to be the next Bachelorette.” It was cute, and not an uncommon sentiment. (Flashback to Caila Quinn who fell so hard for Ben Higgins that she broke up with her BF to be on The Bachelor).

But in Episode 2, Luke P. added a footnote to his earlier comment.

“I did start developing feelings for you before I ever met you,” Luke P. told Hannah. PUMP THE BREAKS BECAUSE EXCUSE ME WHAT?!

That isn’t “feelings,” that is infatuation. I mean, I feel some feelings when I see Michael B. Jordan, but I also recognize that my attraction to him is lust not love since I have (tragically) never spoken to him or met him IRL. Luke P.’s comments are worthy of an eyebrow raise because he isn’t just saying that he was interested in or attracted to Hannah. He is literally saying that his potential love for her began before they met—which to me reads as if her personality or who she *actually* is isn’t exactly what is attracting Luke P. to Hannah. He seems to be falling in love with the idea of the former beauty queen from Alabama, not Hannah as an actual human woman.

When describing his preliminary-maybe-possibly love for Hannah, Luke P. sticks to surface.”I think she’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen,” he says. “The way she talks, the way she laughs, the way she smiles. I never thought I’d meet a girl like her.”

In the preview for what’s coming up in Season 15 of The Bachelorette, we get a glimpse of Hannah calling the contestants out for these types of fake feelings. “None of you know anything about me, and what makes me me and things that I’ve gone through—because no one’s even asked because all we do is talk about stupid sh-t,” she says. Luke P.: take note, bro.

Later in the trailer, hottie with a body Mike foreshadows that, within a few episodes, Luke P.’s gestures will no longer be seen as romantic. “We all know that Luke P. is an evil, pathological liar,” he says, prior to a montage of Luke P. losing his cool and yelling at a variety of other contestants. Yikes.

Red flag #3: He picks his moments

When you’re surrounded by contestants all vying for the attention of one lady, you have to find ways to stand out—and it seems like Luke P.’s go-to move is to swoop in when Hannah is feeling her most vulnerable. We saw this on night one with the aforementioned jacket incident. He later repeated the same M.O., stepping in to speak with her after her first rose ceremony—an event which she was so riled up about that she legit cried before the roses were even handed out. Hannah read this as a romantic gesture, being visibly shocked, yet excited to have someone to comfort her and to feel loved and desired. For those of us who saw Luke P.’s excited face right before he opened the door, this moment looked more calculated—a way for Luke P. to get additional alone time with Hannah and, once again, convince her he’s trustworthy.

Shout out to Bachelorette alum Derek Peth for noticing the pattern:

Red flag #4: “I’m starting to fall in love with you”

In case you blacked out from cringing too hard while watching Luke P. confess his love to Hannah on the Mr. Right catwalk, here’s what he said: “I know that the Mr. Right for you is a man who will love you fiercely. And I’ve already given you a piece of my heart, but I hope in the future, I can give you all of it. And Hannah, I can’t believe I’m saying this right now— this is pretty crazy because it’s so soon—but I can’t hide it. Hannah, I’m genuinely starting to fall in love with you.”

Bachelor alum Sharleen Joynt pointed out that “starting to fall in love” is an entirely new milestone in the timeline of love and I am 100% in agreement. Is this not just a rebranded way of saying that he likes her? It’s like, “I have a crush on you,” but make it creepy—and that was flagged pretty quickly by the other contestants.

“Dude, I’m about love at first sight, but there’s so much that you have to know about someone to be actually in love  with them and not infatuated or in lust or something like that,” said Dylan.

“I could never ever, ever say that after knowing someone for such a short time,” said Luke S.

And bless him, my personal fave Mike came in hot with a shady toast that was everything I never knew I needed. “I want to give a cheers to people just being real, being honest,” he said, staring directly at Luke P. “Don’t overstep your bounds, make sure that this is for the real reason, this is love forever, not just 15 minutes.” (Someone get this man a crown because Mike just earned the title of Mr. Right in my books.)

Let’s also not forget that Luke P. also professed his burgeoning love for Hannah during the talent portion of the Mr. Right pageant. Could it be that his talent is actually telling Hannah what she wants to hear (especially since he didn’t fully say that he’s falling in love with her, he just said he’s like maybe, on the way to possibly going down that route…which is, as I mentioned, a non-thing).

All of the other contestants and the entirety of Bachelor Nation seemed to recognize that Luke P.’s “love” was not only ridiculous, but a flaming hot red flag. Unfortunately, it looks like it will still be a few episodes until Hannah gets the message.

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