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A Reminder: Being on The Bachelorette Doesn't Mean You're Entitled to Hannah's Time

Yes, Scott, we're looking at you

A scene from The Bachelorette where contestant Scott meets Hannah for the first time

Scott meeting Hannah, before he revealed that he’s totally not worth her time (Photo: Getty Images)

Amidst the numerous roses that were handed out during episode one of The Bachelorette, there was one obvious thorn. His name was Scott.

Listen, I get it. Not all 30 of the contestants that *actually* made it to the Bachelor Mansion to meet Hannah are going to be stellar. There was also a box-obsessed businessman, the subpar rapper and the man with the questionable virgin joke—so at first, Scott didn’t really stand out all that much. Frankly, I can’t even remember his intro. It’s how he exited The Bachelorette that I can’t stop thinking about.

First, let’s acknowledge that Scott was clearly set up to provide the necessary drama for Season 15’s premiere. In a stunt that, as Bach alum and FLARE columnist Sharleen Joynt pointed out, was obviously planned by producers, former Bachelor contestants Demi and Katie drove up in a creepster white van, which doubled as their surveillance headquarters. Once Demi spotted Scott, it was go time. In a scene reminiscent of high school gossip seshes, the two besties called Hannah over in the middle of her multiple dates to divulge that one contestant (Scott) already had a girlfriend. “I read messages between the girlfriend and her friends of her talking about how they saw each other Monday before he came and they’re going to be together whenever this is all over, and they’re going to go on a trip together,” Demi told our new Bachelorette.

*Cue shock and Hannah’s raised eyebrows*

The Bachelorette Hannah reacts to news that Scott already has a girlfriend with raised eyebrows and a look of surprise

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OK, so contestants who “aren’t here for the right reasons” are so common that it’s become a Bachelor Nation trope—and to her credit, Hannah was not here for it. She legit marched back into the Bachelor mansion, pointed to Scott like the scariest of school teachers and took him outside to get the truth. It’s a scenario we’ve seen before on The Bachelorette (*cough* DeMario *cough*), but when Hannah confronted Scott, his response felt familiar on a whole other level.

At first, Scott denied everything but eventually came clean. “I’m telling you, yes, I was dating a girl before I got on the show, yes, up until Monday if you want me to be honest,” he told Hannah. “Yes, up until Monday. If that bothers you then I’m sorry but, do I think this is someone I’m going to marry long-term? No, I don’t.”

Between the condescending “if you want me to be honest” and “if that bothers you, then I’m sorry” I was rolling my eyes so hard I thought they might get stuck. His response was not just disrespectful toward his (ex?) girlfriend, it also completely demeaned Hannah and her justifiable anger at the situation. It may as well have translated to, “You’re being really demanding with your lady questions. Can you just tone it down and give me a rose? I really want one.”

And things got much worse from there. What this douche dude said next nearly made me spit out my wine.

“If you want to get this upset with me, that’s totally fine. But I could also say that you just dated Colton for the last two months, the last three months. You were just madly in love with him and then all of a sudden this is like the same exact thing,” said Scott.

*Actual footage of me watching this scene*

A GIF of Elmo with his arms outstretched against a background of flames

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I mean… like… oh wow, OK, I need a minute. Even reading Scott’s quotes now makes my blood boil.

I recently encountered a similar scenario thanks to the true nightmare that are dating apps. One of the men I was messaging with asked if he could call me. In my attempt to say yes and “put myself out there” more, I said yes. After chatting, I felt like we weren’t a good fit. He wasn’t someone I was interested in meeting up with IRL. But when I said as much, I was reprimanded for not giving him a thorough explanation as to why I didn’t want to go out, told I wasn’t thinking about how to make this work and accused of judging him too quickly. He later hung up on me.

I get it. Dating is hard, and it sucks when people don’t want to go out with you. Been there. But, and this may seem obvious but stay with me here, single women are not obligated to go out with anyone who asks. We don’t owe you our time, attention or our smiles. You have to earn that—and that’s what dudes like the Phone Call Flop and Scott really don’t seem to understand

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette can often feel deeply old-school, where Chris Harrison acts as the local elder, matchmaking symmetrical young men and women with the promise that they’ll live happily ever after. The reality show is new, but the concept is centuries old. However, don’t get it twisted. Even if Scott was a standup guy who was *actually* single when he applied to be on The Bachelorette, Hannah still does not have to date him. The Bachelorette is a grown ass woman and she doesn’t owe her contestants anything. In fact, the contestants are there to prove that they’re worthy of her attention, not the other way around.

And as Hannah showed us on night one, the dudes who don’t get that can GTFO.

Hannah showing Scott out of the Bachelor mansion during The Bachelorette premiere

(Photo: GIPHY)

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