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Can We All Agree That Adam from The Bachelorette Was Kinda the Worst?

Hear me out


Did she, though? (Source:

My lady boner for male confidence died last night. Time of death: 9:27 p.m. EST. Cause: Adam from The Bachelorette and his inflated ego. Allow me to elaborate.

I’m all for confidence. I give anyone props who has the self-esteem to go after everything they want. In fact, that very quality is usually pretty damn attractive in a guy! But Adam—yes, the same guy who exited the limo carrying a weird little doll and later uttered the sentence, “She’s gotten a snack, but I want to give her the full kitchen” when you were ALREADY wondering why on Earth he was still around—ruined that feeling on last night’s episode when he went from self-assured to entitled real quick. Feeling in your heart that you’d be a good match with someone and rationally explaining why is one thing (and totally fair). Preaching that you deserve a Hometown because you just know you’re the one for Rachel is ego on a whole other level.

If that wasn’t bad enough, he also said that he knew his relationship with Rachel was the strongest of anyone left in the house. Ummmmmmmm, pardon me Adam, but have you met the men left in the house? I legit can’t remember a stronger Final Four. May I introduce you to Peter, Bryan and Dean? Or perhaps you’d like to acquaint yourself with Eric, for that matter? Hell, IMO Rachel had more chemistry with the GD Tickle Monster, the Whaboom guy and that creepy doll Adam brought than Adam himself. This dude!

And do not get me started on the patronizing “I just don’t want you to regret sending me home” bit he tried over and over again. The most infuriating part was it really seemed as if he truly believed he knew what was best for Rachel. Like, nice effort trying to keep on-message and wear her down but my guess is Rachel’s only regret was keeping Adam around until almost-Hometowns when she could have at least been enjoying a lap dance from gone-too-soon Alex. Or a “sweetheart”-laden speech from *actual* villain Lee. Or a root canal without anesthesia.

Maybe I’m being harsh but in my experience, a delusional sense of confidence mixed with a healthy helping of entitlement and a couple dashes of condescension is the recipe for ultimate douchebaggery. Did you see the embarrassed flush that washed over his face in the limo? That was not the look of a classy guy who respects Rachel’s decision and leaves with dignity (Matt, you were robbed!). Adam reminds me way too much of that asshole in high school who you thought was kinda cute until he called you a slut when you wouldn’t grind with him at the dance and then beat someone up to get his aggression out.

I honestly cannot. And neither could Twitter.

Low-key don’t think a tweet has ever been more accurate. 

Relating to this one on a deep level.



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