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JK Our Gap-Toothed Boo Peter Probs *Will* Be the Next Bachelor & We Are Freaking Out

Dreams *do* come true!

The Bachelor Peter Kraus probably will be the next lead

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It’s no secret that the second Peter Kraus walked onto The Bachelorette and into our #blessed lives we’ve been dreaming of the day he would become the next Bachelor. And when he essentially sent himself home—and sent Rachel into the arms of Bryan, ugh—on the finale of The Bachelorette (still not over it), we started filling out our application forms immeds.

But a few weeks ago— August 17 to be exact—our “Peter for Bachelor 2017” hopes came crashing down when Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss sent out a heart-shattering tweet saying the franchise doesn’t want a lead “who isn’t ready to settle down with a woman he loves.” UGH like srsly Mike Fleiss, who even cares if he’s quote unquote “not ready,” we just want revel in the glory that is Peter’s face on our TV screens every Monday night in January. Is that too much to ask for?!

The tweet obviously implied that they had never even considered Peter for The Bachelor, which—considering his popularity—is pretty hard to believe. And according to Reality Steve (what would we do without this guy??), that straight-up was *not* true—apparently, they actually *did* want Peter to be the next Bachelor (like, duh) but he turned them down.

“This is what I’m hearing: They absolutely want Peter as the “Bachelor.” Hearing he told them no. Now they’re leaking stuff to People…pretending they never wanted him in the first place. BS. They want him, he said no apparently, & now they turn the narrative around,” the Bachelor expert tweeted on Thursday. OK this makes way more sense now.

As you can probably guess, we were absolutely crushed by this ungodly news. And we *weren’t* alone:


Now, fast forward two weeks later and Reality Steve is saying that Peter IS going to be the next Bachelor. Wait….WHAT?!? *insert every excited, dancing, party emoji that exists*

On August 30 the Bachelor franchise expert tweeted, “I feel confident in reporting that sources are telling me Peter is the next Bachelor & it will be announced soon.” YAASSS. Consider our lives made.

He also added that they’ve actually wanted Peter since Day 1—which like, DUH why *wouldn’t* they want this fine piece of man as their next lead? That literally made zero sense.

Naturally, fans are taking to Twitter to share their excitement over this life changing news. And us? We’re back to filling out our applications.

Currently doing this as we speak:

Same girl, same:

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