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Krystal from The Bachelor Used to Be a Bodybuilder, So You Probs Shouldn't Mess With Her

We spy with our little eyes... some old pics of this season's villain looking brawny AF!

the bachelor krystal: running in black leggings and black sports bra

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It’s no secret that Krystal is to thank for making Arie’s season of The Bachelor even remotely exciting.

Yes, we can all agree that there are a million reasons not to like her—her faux-whisper voice is cringeworthy and, nine times out of 10, she’s using it to say really insensitive sh-t. We’re constantly rolling our eyes as she complains about not getting enough one-on-one time with Arie or as she shares her no-holds-barred critiques of the other ladies in the house.

BUT, every season of The Bachelor needs a villain and you know it. Not to mention that Arie is boring AF and, without Krystal in the house, this season would probs be pretty freakin’ bland.

If that’s not enough reason to show this vill a little love—nevermind that, as FLARE columnist Sharleen Joynt points out, Krystal is being horribly trolled right nowhow about the fact that she was a totally jacked bodybuilder just three years ago? Honestly, we should all be very afraid.

Now, it’s no secret that Krystal is super fit. If you’ve been keeping up with The Bachelor, you’ll know that she left a job in journalism to become a full-time personal trainer. She currently works at Orange Theory Fitness in San Diego, specializing in “strength and flexibility,” according to her bio.

You’ll also notice Krystal’s commitment to physical health (read: very high) in one quick glance at her Instagram page, @coachkrystal. While the thought of calling her that while she makes us do burpees makes us want to die, we’re very happy that she seems to have kept every single photo she’s uploaded since she joined Instagram, because it gave us this:

Monday motivation!!!! I had an incredible experience at my first show in August and can’t even handle the anticipation for my next show in December. I will start prepping October 19th (the Monday after my BIRTHDAY!! #heyyyy ) and am really excited to improve on muscle growth & posing to prepare when I compete in Nationals early next year. I’ll be meal prepping with the help of @turning_point_nutrition again- which absolutely SAVED me so much time for not having to shop, cook, prep, and read about nutrition so that I could focus on training. I’ll also be working with @nutritionzone_dt to find the best protein, BCAA’s, pre-workouts and vitamins to fuel up and keep my body on point. 2 weeks out!!! Eeeeeek!!!! #callmecocoapuff #whitegirlfacetho #veinsonfleek

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Yes, that’s the Krystal you love (to hate), all chiseled up and way over-tanned. Intimidating and glorious all in one, isn’t it? Not only was Krystal able to reveal muscles where we didn’t even know muscles could exist, she is also some sort of wizard who can cycle with her hair down.


We’ll take this stellar glutes routine, but we’d like to leave the misspelled music lyric in the caption in 2015, plz and thanks.

Despite being happy with her bodybuilding achievements, Krystal decided—very rightly, from the sounds of it—to stop competing. In an Instagram posted from November 16, 2015, she wrote, “While it was amazing to watch my body transform into the best shape I have EVER been in, this body pictured here isn’t sustainable long-term. Even though I look like I’m in incredible shape, I am actually at my weakest point. Cutting carbs, sometimes even water for three days before a show can leave your body and metabolism totally wrecked.”

Reminding myself of what my body and mind are capable of achieving when I commit to a goal that is important to me. Last week I decided to stop prepping for a December show because my heart wasn’t in it this go around. But even tho I stopped prepping I am still 100% committed to a sustainable and realistic approach to diet and exercise. While it was amazing to watch my body transform into the best shape I have EVER been in- this body pictured here isn’t sustainable long term. Even tho I look like I’m in incredible shape I am actually at my weakest point. Cutting carbs, sometimes even water for 3 days before a show can leave your body and metabolism totally wrecked. While I have an upmost respect for competitors and am amazed at the dedication it takes, I am choosing to find a sustainable approach to my fitness goals. I want to eat healthy AND have “fun meals” (ie. Dessert and wine) so I’m kicking up the cardio in exchange for sanity. Keep in mind your body is 80% diet and 20% exercise so you will NEVER be able to out train a poor diet. I’ve been researching recipes all week to start making food at home. Can’t wait to share with you later this week! I can’t even wait to share the healthy version of baked goods my soul absolutely yearns for! If you have any meals you’d like to know how to make healthier for you and your family post below!

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Impressed yet? We should all think about Krystal’s resilience, perseverance and her superhero ability to not drink water for three days before we tweet another insult her way this Monday.

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