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Barb Weber Would like to Have a Word with Your Manager

Peter's mom has become the real villain of season 24

There is a new villain on season 24 of The Bachelor—and her name is Barbra Weber. On part one of this season’s two-part finale, Bach nation was *finally* given the moment they’d been waiting for all season and found out who the heck Peter’s mom is talking about bringing home! ICYMI, the now-iconic clip has been about as much airtime this season as Madi’s Peppa Pig eyelashes.

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The clip in question (which will now be running through my head on loop until the end of time), features Bachelor lead Peter Weber’s mom, Barbra, literally sobbing as she tells Pilot Pete to “bring her home to us.” It’s honestly bonkers and *seemed* super emotional and climactic. And, up until the March 9 episode, a lot of fans in Bachelor nation thought they knew who mama Weber was talking about: final two contestant Madison, who fans have known from the outset of the season would have some drama in the final few episodes. But no. It turns out that Barb was *actually* referring to the other woman in Peter’s life, Hannah Ann. Which was a…surprise to many.

Also, a surprise? Barb’s not-so-nice treatment of Madi and semi-manipulation of her son via tears (honestly, when Justin Timberlake sang “Cry Me A River,” he defs had Miss Barbs in mind). Because she went in, coldly confronting Madi about religion (and essentially implying she was too religious for Peter—who is painted like a literal nymphomaniac heathen by his family) before flipping the switch and telling Peter that God had put Hannah Ann on this earth for him. Which…OK? Not to mention the saga that was her sobbing. It was a Love Is Blind‘s Giannina Milady Gibelli-level performance.

With all of this questionable behaviour, Barbra was giving off some serious “Can I speak to your manager?” vibes on last night’s episode. And we have to ask—is Barb the new Karen? For those who aren’t familiar with the lingo, a “Karen” is  “slang term for an entitled, obnoxious, middle-aged white woman” according to Generally (and hilariously accurately), Karens are stereotyped as having blonde bob haircuts with chunky highlights (think Kate Gosselin of Jon & Kate Plus 8 or Ivanka Trump now), constantly asking to speak to retail and restaurant managers to voice complaints and make nagging demands. It isn’t meant to be a drag of women literally named Karen (we love you, IRL Karens!) but is rather a generalized stereotype of a *type* of person. Sparknotes version: being called a “Karen” when your name isn’t actually Karen is not a compliment.

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And now neither should be being called a “Barb.” While Peter’s mom started out as a beloved character in Bachelor nation, super supportive of her son throughout his stints on The Bachelorette and The Bachelor and kind of weirdly supportive of his very adventurous (and very public) sex life, she—like many heroes before her—stuck around just long enough to become the villain. Not only was her treatment of Madi rude, obnoxious and pretty hypocritical (not to mention shortsighted considering, as Madi pointed out, this is her journey as well), but she made the moment all about her; a trait that has some strong Karen tendencies.

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It’s pretty obvious from Peter’s reaction that this type of behaviour from his mom is common, as he literally tells her: “You gotta stop doing this.” And honestly, what “this” is he even referring to? The uncontrollable, Oscar-worthy sobbing? The strange investment in his sex life? The trying to coerce her son into choosing a 23-year-old Sonic model on a reality dating show? The talking shit on national TV about her son’s potential future partner without any thought as to the fact that she’d see it and her son would be mortified? Because they all apply and they’re all big Karen energy.

We can defs expect to see some chunky highlights in Barb’s future.

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