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Sharleen Joynt on The Bachelor Canada Hometowns + New Video!

Sharleen Joynt—FLARE columnist and former Bachelor contestant—shares her insider’s POV on last night’s episode of The Bachelor Canada

I’d been struggling to understand just why or how Catie fell as hard as she did this season. Her conversations with Chris have more often than not felt one-sided, like she was the one steering, and it’s not like he’d been contributing to the extent you’d think she’d require. Their chemistry was okay, I guess, but I never really thought it jumped out of the screen the way it sometimes can. How did this 29-year-old urbanite (in other words, not so young or sheltered enough for naiveté to be to blame) who is both a lawyer and plenty in touch with her emotions, fall so hard for a guy she barely knew? She was SO SURE, and that level of confidence, particularly in The Bachelor environment (where one should know not to be too trusting), just never really added up—until now. “Soulmate Chris” provided a ton of intel into Catie’s story this season. She didn’t fall in love with Chris as a person, but the concept of him. And she’d fallen in love with that concept of him two years before she ever met him. Chris Leroux had nothing to do with this. This is precisely why I don’t really believe in psychics and mediums. Who’s to say their predictions don’t become reality through our making them our reality? It’s far more likely that we create a narrative to support and produce a desired outcome than it is that that outcome just happens to us. I have a lot of friends who believe in this stuff and I am happy to agree to disagree, but this is my two cents on the topic, since Catie has been such a textbook example.

Despite all the tough love I’ve been giving Catie, I have loved having her on this season. There is no denying what epic television she is. When Chris called Lyndsey’s name at that Rose Ceremony and her jaw dropped in disbelief, my eyes were like saucers, glued to the screen, wondering what she would say or do next. She doesn’t seem to have any censor, even with her expressions, and it makes for really good, true reality TV. How many women in her position have wanted to drop their jaws at that moment but kept their shock and anger contained? Catie just lets that emotion flag fly and I for one have enjoyed every second of it. 

I have to talk about Lyndsey’s family, namely her sisters. Her father was no more difficult than some of the more skeptical fathers we’ve seen on this show, and I do generally think fathers have a bit more of a place to feel protective of their daughters and wary of young men in Chris’ position. Lyndsey’s sisters, however, took things to the next level. It’s a shame when family members, as opposed to just enjoying the Hometown experience for what it is, take it on themselves to “see through” the whole experience when, frankly, they don’t know what they’re talking about. You can’t have an informed opinion on this particular emotional journey when you aren’t a part of it. Also, while I understand deeming it all fake and feeling protective of their sister, there’s a difference between being discerning and being a straight-up asshole. Watching Lyndsey’s sisters, it felt like they thought they’d come across smart and savvy and seeing through the show’s smoke and mirrors, but they really just come across as trying way too hard and downright rude. I have a hard time believing they’d be as nasty to a man Lyndsey brought home on her own (whether or not he was 33), nor do I think they’d have the guts to behave this way if they didn’t have each other. It felt very much like a pack mentality to me, like they were enabling each other. Their interrogation about Chris’ work situation was especially painful. The guy is doing alright, so let him catch a breath and figure his own shit out after a 13-year career, okay? Geez.

Sharleen Joynt's The Bachelor Canada Episode 8 Review

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My predictions for the finale are as follows…

1. Mikaela, 27: I’m not sure why this still isn’t the popular opinion but I am steadfast in my belief that Mikaela will go to the end. If Mikaela’s relationship with Chris were on a graph, it’d be steadily climbing. Maybe a little dip here and there, but the incline is clear. The way Chris describes Mikaela and being with her is more focused on her and how happy she makes him (he told her mother that she “blows his mind”), and less about how attracted to her he is, à la Lyndsey (though he does indeed seem to be plenty attracted to Mikaela, too). I just feel a bit more substance in the conversations between these two, at least from what we’ve been shown, and I’ve never forgotten her Night One limo exit and the momentous music that played during their first conversation. I can admit this is a VERY tight race, possibly the tightest ever (!!), but I have to pick one woman and that woman is Mikaela.

Going home next week…

2. Lyndsey, 23: If this relationship were on a graph, it’d be a lot more up and down. There were a lot of BIG SIGNS with Lyndsey this week but I’m very suspicious of them. First, they showed Chris saying he loves Lyndsey. I wrote in my notes: Why are they showing this? Also, Chris mentioned wanting to ask Lyndsey’s dad for his permission to propose to her, but again, why show that and not the same conversation regarding either of the other girls’ parents? The edit is designed to equalize and make us wonder who it is, so why allow all the signs to point so freely to Lyndsey? It just seems suspect, like it’s too obvious. (When we “Celebrity” Draft Leaders had to submit our final picks after only Episode 5, Jasmine asked me why I didn’t put Lyndsey. My answer: “It’s too obvious.”) Truthfully, these are the main reasons I have Lyndsey in second. I actually see tons of chemistry between her and Chris, and I don’t think her age or her awful Hometown would make or break her “winning.” It’s super tight between her and Mikaela, but my vote here is for the less flashy, less obvious love story. I may well be wrong and kicking myself later. 

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