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Sharleen Joynt on The Bachelor Canada: Episode 7 + New Video!

Sharleen Joynt—FLARE columnist and former Bachelor contestant—shares her insider’s POV on last night’s episode of The Bachelor Canada

Bachelor Canada is really upping the artistic ante! The drone shots! Those time lapses! And whoever’s composing the music this season deserves a shoutout. It is by far superior to the (often recycled) cheese we get on the American version. The piece that played while Catie and Kait shared their ride to their 2-on-1 “date” was legitimately beautiful. I have NEVER said this about any of the music on this show.

Speaking of that 2-on-1, we have to talk about Catie. She’s been pretty (okay, really) confident all season but this was the first time we saw the impact doubt could have on her. Upon hearing she’d be on that 2-on-1, it pained me how she so readily delivered exactly what the producers likely expected: a full-blown meltdown. She broke down several times and in a serious way, proving the Powers That Be right for putting her on the damn date in the first place. (And don’t kid yourself: it was them, not Chris, who put her on it.) Her emotional state really proved what several weeks in that environment can do to a strong, intelligent woman. It was hard to not feel for her and take it as a reminder of how the process can mess with just about anyone.

On the other hand, I struggled with a lot of Catie’s reasoning. She kept referring to how 100 percent certain she’s been, and so for there to suddenly be uncertainty is “rattling.” I had to agree with what Kait said during one of the (too) many Girl Chats leading up to their “date:” He either wants to be with you or he doesn’t. Contestants must take on a certain passivity to keep from going totally crazy. They are not in the shot-calling position and, unfortunately, Catie’s certainty carries substantially less weight in this situation than Chris’ certainty. And it’s not like we’re down to the Final 2; there were still six women remaining. Catie’s lack of mental preparation for a scenario like this—not even a 2-on-1, but rather that she could be going home—is on her. 

Later, during the date, Catie claimed to have never misread a situation (IN HER ENTIRE LIFE) and so to go home would be to have misread this situation, a prospect that “shakes everything about how I live my life.” I don’t mean to sound overly critical here because I genuinely do enjoy watching Catie, but she should know better than this. The Bachelor bubble is BY DESIGN meant to make you fall, and fall hard. Of course, the (very) occasional successful love story does emerge from the process, but for the most part, the process is designed to fool you. Catie’s lack of circumstantial awareness regarding this is, again, on her. Someone as self aware and obviously intelligent as her should not let a potentially misread situation during the filming of a reality dating show affect what she knows about herself or how she lives her life. I know she probably said these words in state of stress and they were likely an exaggeration, but I only wish she’d been a bit stronger throughout all this. If Chris was going to send her home (which he still very well might), better now than later. She said she’d need answers if he sent her home, but sending her home IS the answer. 

The Bachelor Canada Episode 7 Review

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My predictions for Hometown week are as follows…

1. Mikaela, 27: Since this episode mostly focused on the 2-on-1 date and the slower-moving relationships of Jessie and Stacy, there wasn’t a ton of development with either Mikaela and Lyndsey this week. I’m still relying on the weight of Chris’ words about Mikaela from episodes past, despite the fact that I’m realizing Chris is a bit all over the place. (He seems to be able to picture himself with a LOT of these women and isn’t afraid to tell them this.) Nonetheless, nothing has happened to make me bump Mikaela from my top spot.

2. Lyndsey: 23: When Stacy read the names for the 2-on-1 and she had read Mikaela’s and Lyndsey’s names and there was a pause, Lyndsey said very seriously, “And?” There was something about the confidence with which she said this that was notable to me. It’s like she knew Chris would never do that to her. Again, not a ton of development shown between the two of them, and the race remains between Lyndsey and Mikaela and it is a tight one.

Going home next week…

3. Catie, 29: Had it not been for the way the episode was edited, I might’ve been surprised that Chris kept Catie over Kait. But as Kait’s quiet confidence was increasingly painted as a sort of subtle arrogance, it became clear that Catie, with all her insecurity, would be getting that rose. (This seriously happens EVERY TIME there is a 2-on-1; demonstrated confidence = going home.) Nonetheless, while Chris said he could picture a life with Catie (the meaning of these words coming out of his mouth has really dwindled), he also said, “Catie keeps telling me that her intensity is situational. As much as I want to believe it, I haven’t seen it yet.” Now, it’s very possible Chris chooses Catie and this intensity-versus-chill factor is being emphasized to throw us off the scent. But if that is the case, it’s a pretty insulting winner edit as Catie has gotten clown music for several episodes in a row and this usually overrides any romance shown between the two of them. 

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