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Sharleen Joynt on The Bachelor Canada: Episode 4 + New Video!

Sharleen Joynt—FLARE columnist and former Bachelor contestant—shares her insider’s POV on last night’s episode of The Bachelor Canada

Is it just me, or does Bachelor Canada have a tendency to visit a fabulous destination only to squat there for a bit too long? (They did this on Bachelorette Canada as well, with Morocco.) I swear we saw the ladies’ faces drop last week when Chris announced they’d be remaining in Costa Rica for the third week, and at the end of last night’s episode, the women positively rejoiced when Chris said they’d be moving their communal quest for love to the Dominican Republic. It’s not that they’re spoiled brats or just in it for the free vacay; it’s that, if you’re going to be trapped in a beautiful prison and limited to one outing per TV week, at least change up that prison once in awhile.

You guys, I’m stumped! I feel like there are three or so legitimate final proposal contenders and it has me wondering: is the race really so tight, or are the edits successfully managing to equalize things? From the former leads I’ve spoken to, it’s usually the latter. That said, you can usually look past the Bachelor’s generically positive ITMs about multiple women and see an obvious frontrunner in the works. Meanwhile, based on Chris’ ITMs (and the ladies’ airtime), just when I’m pretty sure it’s one woman, there’s another date where he says equally powerful things about someone else. For example, he calls Lyndsey’s and his personalities “the same” and gushes about how effortless it is with her and how gorgeous she is, but then calls being with Mikaela “perfection” (whoa!), and later says Catie “sees me for me… It’s definitely what I need in my life right now.” These are all super strong words. How’s a recapper supposed to predict the winner?!

Sharleen Joynt's The Bachelor Canada episode 4 review

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I do want to touch on the Jessie vs Brittany drama. First, their confrontation felt producer-encouraged to me. After all, what had Brittany really done that was the straw to finally break the camel’s back, other than have a personality that generally clashes with Jessie’s? (We know Brittany not-so-subtly insinuated to Chris that the women were insecure worrywarts, but it’s not like that’s something they were aware of at the time.) Second, note how none of the other women seem as annoyed by Brittany as Jessie. This is worth noting. In fact, since the alleged food sabotage of Episode 3, their beef seems more with the tension between Brittany and Jessie rather than with Brittany alone.

Finally, I compliment the Canadian franchise enough to voice a gripe now and again, so I’ve got to say: that confrontation between Jessie and Brittany was an editing DISASTER. If you dare, read the dialogue between the two women. It’s so chopped up and rearranged, with liberties taken while a woman’s back was to the camera (thus we couldn’t see the words come out of their mouths), that their sentences rarely even come off as responses to each other…

Jessie: I’m trying to figure out who you are and what you’re doing here because it seems like you’re acting very different around Chris. I think Chris is a great guy, and for me, the way Chris sees you should just be you.
Brittany: Is it because you’re seeing me and Chris’ relationship developing and you’re feeling like this?
Jessie: You say one thing and you do another. Is that, like, what Chris is really seeing? Because I don’t know, because I get so many sides of you.
Brittany(raising her voice) If I’m coming off as “fake” to you (using air quotes as though Jessie had just called her fake, which—from what we were shown, anyway—she hadn’t) because me and you have our differences, I’m tired of it. I’m Brittany. If I want something, I go after it.
Jessie: You’re really creating a negative vibe around this whole house.
Brittany: Like, I’m focused on me and Chris. Worry about you!
Jessie: Like, literally my head is in the clouds. Like, who IS Brittany? Like, literally, who are you?

The next thing we see is a voiceover as Jessie jogs away. I literally couldn’t follow this conversation. Editing fail.

My frontrunners based on this week are…

1. Lyndsey, 23: Not a lot shown between Chris and Lyndsey, but what we were shown felt important. Lyndsey was feeling a bit insecure, like maybe Chris was forgetting about her. At the Rose Ceremony cocktail party they shared an epic kiss on a balcony, after he told her to “hold on” in a very comfortable, familiar way as she walked ahead of him. In her corresponding ITM, Lyndsey said, “This is the validation that I’ve been waiting for. Without knowing he needed to do it.” I think Chris is super attracted to every aspect of Lyndsey and would have a very hard time letting her go.

2. Mikaela, 27: I was soooo impressed with Mikaela’s rap battle skills! Holy crap. I think I might’ve fainted if I’d had to do that. Her mini-putt 1-on-1 was hard-earned and well-deserved, and it was very sweet. I wrote in my notes that the date felt very real, like two young lovebirds playing mini-putt sans cameras. He described being with her as “perfection” and looking at her as “magic.” That is some SERIOUS praise. In fact, the only reason I don’t have Mikaela in the top spot right now is because she had to earn that 1-on-1 date and it wasn’t just given to her. When she does have her own 1-on-1 (and she will), I expect more fireworks (and a possible slide into the top spot).

3. Catie, 29: Chris is very comfortable with Catie and it’s easy to see why. Catie has a very wise, accepting, ultra-confident vibe to her which is a beautiful thing. It was cute how in the evening portion of their 1-on-1 he wanted to revisit the eye gaze. It showed an interest in working on himself, and in trying to understand and embrace something that means so much to her. I’m not quite sure I see the same epic-level chemistry here that I see with Lyndsey and Mikaela, but the chemistry is still strong, Catie was the only one here to have gotten an intro video in Episode 1, and the fact that Chris said what Catie possesses is something he needs in his life right now is huge.

4. Kait, 29: We tend to see more quality conversation than hot makeout sessions between Chris and Kait (they talked about Chris’ “goodie-two-shoes” phase this week). That’s not a bad thing (certainly in the pursuit of a lifelong partner), but Kait’s airtime thus far just hasn’t been what the other three ladies’ have been. That said, her 1-on-1 was very strong and she’s still a distinct frontrunner who should be going far. (Also, this has nothing to do with her relationship with Chris, but her Rose Ceremony look was ON POINT. My favourite look of the season so far.)

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