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Ashley I & Kevin Dish on the Surprisingly Grown-Up, *Super* Relatable Reason They Split

Who knew these two were so mature??????

Bachelor Winter Games champions Ashley I. and Kevin Wendt celebrate their figure skating victory, before news broke of their split.

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Although Ashley Iaconetti and Canadian cutie Kevin Wendt skied their way to love and a championship golden rose on the Bachelor Winter Games, their romance has fizzed out only months after they met on the show. But the reason for their tear-jerking split is more relatable than you may think.

On a recent episode of The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcasthosted by Ashley and former Bachelor Ben Higgins—the infamous crier explained why the couple called it quits. “I just feel like there was a lack of connection,” Ashley said to Ben. “I think after three months you know if this isn’t my person, my soulmate, my future husband, you have to let it go.” Is it just us, or is this REALLY grown-up of her????

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The Bach Nation star went on to say that she initiated the breakup, but Kevin agreed with her decision. If that isn’t mature enough, Kevin then called into the podcast and openly chatted about the split. “I’m a very committed guy, so the more time [that] goes on, I would have just been more into it and then the heartbreak [would be] so much worse,” Kevin said.

The distance also took a toll on the pair, as Kevin lives in Toronto and Ashley is based in L.A. “To be able to go back and forth every weekend, it’s just so hard to do, especially with Ashley’s busy lifestyle,” Kevin explained.

I like sitting next to the ice with him rather than skating on it. @lakings

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Even though things didn’t work out between the two, they are still planning on staying in each other’s lives. “Everybody knows that I stay pretty close to my exes,” Ashley told Ben. “It didn’t work out romantically for some reason but it doesn’t mean that you can’t still be friends.” Kevin shared her progressive stance, agreeing that because their relationship didn’t end on bad terms, the two have agreed to stay close. “You really have to have a negative thing happen,” Kevin said. “If two people cared about each other in any point in their lives, you should be able to remain friends.” *Awwwww*

But single ladies be warned: when Ben asked Kevin if a serious relationship was a priority in his life, the Canuck said it was on the “top of his radar.” Here’s hoping we’ll see his handsome face on Bachelor in Paradise this summer.

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