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The Bachelor: We Creeped Tayshia Adams's Instagram So You Don't Have To

Chris Harrison himself called her "one to watch," so you know this girl is going far

Tayshia The Bachelor: A photo of Bachelor season 23 contestant Tayshia Adams in a peach romper

(Photo: courtesy City)

Who is Tayshia Adams ? It’s a question Bachelor Nation has been pondering since the start of season 23, when Chris Harrison called her out as “one to watch,” a rare—and of course, very dramatic—declaration from our stalwart host. And then last week we saw her drag an entire limo across a dirt lot, which was both intriguing and impressive. What sort of person does that…with a giant smile on her face?!

Our interest was further piqued upon consulting her official ABC bio page, home to such nuggets as her age (28), her hometown (Corona Del Mar in southern California), and her occupation (phlebotomist, which according to the bio “means she draws vials of blood for a living”).

None of which answered the real, existential question we were asking about Tayshia Adams, someone who our spidey sense tells us is going to be a major player this season. For that, we turned to Instagram. Here’s what we learned:

She finds meaning in the cherry emoji

Tayshia’s Instagram account (@tayshiaaa, FYI) opens with a puzzle. Next to her name, she has placed the red cherry emoji. As an Internet symbol, it doesn’t have a consistent, obvious interpretation so we can’t decipher with certainty what she’s trying to tell us here. Is she a Demi Lovato super fan? (The cherry is apparently the symbol of the singer’s verified Snap account.) Is she being literal and just saying she identifies as a “sweet” person? Is she an avid slots player? There are also a whole host of sexual innuendo-heavy interpretations but we’re ruling those out because…

She’s a person of public faith

Along with the cherry emoji, the second-most prominent element in Tayshia’s Insta bio is “Psalm 46:5,” a frequently Insta-quoted Bible verse that reads: “God is within her. She will not fall.” Given that her ABC bio mentions she recently completed a mission trip to Africa, we can assume her faith is a big deal to her.

She’s a francophile

And the third element of her Insta bio is a French quote. Thanks to our grade 9-level francais, we are pleased to share that it translates as “You are your only limit,” which TBH does not feel like a particularly French sentiment to us. However, combined with photos of her recent trip to the City of Lights,  we can conclude that she’s a big fan of France, French people and Parisian landmarks.


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She’s also got #wanderlust

Which brings us to touristing in general. Like 96% of the population, pre-Bachelor Tayshia mostly seemed to post when she was on vacation. (Post-Bachelor Tayshia exclusively shares stills from the show, which makes us think there’s some kind of contractual obligation at play?) There she is in the Bahamas! San Francisco! Alaska! Dubai! Blood-drawing clearly comes with a generous vacation policy.


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She’s yet to scrub her Instagram

As someone who until this January got an average of 28 likes per photo, Tayshia is new to social media celebrity. Now that she’s got 22K followers and counting, it would not be surprising if she took a deep dive into her older posts and did a little… spring cleaning. It’s not that there are any offensive posts per se, but there are some that might cause controversy, like her holding a rifle back in 2015 (captioned “Sunday Funday with my little 22”), a lightly-clothed man holding a cat with zero context, images of her with a cute kid who you have to scroll back seven years to find out is her little brother, and oh, her with a rifle again in 2012.

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