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We've Got Some Problems With the New Bachelor in Paradise Teaser

We've finally been blessed with a season 4 trailer, and for that we are grateful, but the show is playing up the sexual misconduct scandal in all the wrong ways

The first official teaser for season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise has been released—following the sexual misconduct allegations that temporarily shut down production—and we’ve got issues.

“The sun had almost set. Summer was almost ruined,” the classic, cheesy-dramatic voiceover says at the beginning of the promo—clearly referring to the Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson alleged sexual misconduct scandal—all while a thunderstorm rages and tweets from upset fans flood the screen: “I’M DEVASTATED!! #BIP.” “Ruined my summer.” “Time to drown my sorrows into my wine.”

“Paradise was almost lost…,” Dramatic Voiceover Dude continues, “…until it wasn’t.” This happens right before Iggy Rodriguez—the no-good drama queen from Rachel’s season—pops us on the screen and obnoxiously shouts, “PARADISE IS BACK.”

The 30-second sneak peek *does* give us a glimpse of lovable Kristina Schulman from Nick’s season as well as Bachelor Nation it-girl Amanda Stanton, back for her second shot at summer love after things went truly south with worst person in the world, Josh Murray. We also get a quick shot of Robby Hayes—runner-up from JoJo’s season—wearing a questionable sombrero shirt, whispering “It’s crazy.”

And that’s it. That’s literally all we’re given. Are you kidding me, producers?

Don’t get me wrong, we’re as stoked as the next Bachelor Nation obsessive that Paradise is back and we’ll defs be watching on August 14. We’re just a little disappointed by the fact that that this promo has pretty much turned a serious situation into a joke. It left a sour taste in our mouth and, TBH, it all seems a little desperate. Not to mention it didn’t give us a hot clue as to what this season will actually entail—and we’re sure there’s no shortage of solid-gold post-scandal footage to work with.

On a happier note, if you haven’t heard yet: Dean will be joining this season of BIP!!! 

See you in Paradise (for better, or for worse).

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