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Bachelor Expert Reality Steve Tells Us Why He's Definitely Not #TeamArie

Steve Carbone says Arie is "the biggest player in the history of the show"—but he's also sure the upcoming season will be v. entertaining

Reality Steve interview: The expert talks the next Bachelor

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Two weeks ago when Arie Luyendyk Jr. was announced the next Bachelor—a.k.a. the day our world stopped spinning for a sec—pretty much everyone’s unilateral response was: what. the. f-ck. One of the outraged fans was Bachelor Nation expert Reality Steve (a.k.a. Steve Carbone) who *SPOILER ALERT* is not #TeamArie.

Pretty much immediately after the Arie news broke, Reality Steve took to Twitter to educate all of us on Arie’s f-ckboy behaviour and his past five years of allegedly treating girls like dirt. So, we thought it was important to get the expert on all things Bachelor on the phone A.S.A.P.

Read on to see what we learned from Reality Steve (it ain’t pretty):  

Let’s start with the obvious—what are your own personal thoughts on Arie as the Bachelor?

Arie was not their first choice, they wanted Peter and for whatever reason things didn’t work out. So, after Peter said “no” it was like, Alright now who do we go after? I think they went with Arie because it’s kind of a splash. If they would’ve went with someone like Eric it would’ve just been like, Oh OK, they couldn’t get Peter so they went with the next best guy on Rachel’s season. So, I think they did it more for splash purposes, but the narrative they’re selling that he’s ready to find love is all garbage.

Why do you say that?

Arie is the biggest player they’ve ever had in the history of the show. The guy’s track record of sleeping around and treating women like dirt is very well known. People don’t want to accept it, but it’s true. So I don’t buy anything they’re selling in regards to that, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t going to watch. And while I don’t think Arie is any more sincere than any of the other ones, and I don’t think for a second he will ever marry whoever he chooses this season, I’m sure it’ll be entertaining.

You knew about Arie’s track record even before he was announced as Bachelor, right? You had already written an expose about him a few years ago.

Yeah and none of that’s really changed, it’s the same stuff. Three of his ex-girlfriends have already reached out to me…and it’s like, everybody’s got an ex, we realize that, and I think the Arie fans are like, Leave him alone everyone’s got a past. But it’s not that. It’s the fact that you’re trying to convince me that this guy is a good guy when he had exes overlapping exes and he was lying to all of them. I think that’s somewhat relevant information when it comes to a show like this. If he didn’t have this many exes that immediately came running to me on the Thursday [of the announcement] saying, “I can’t believe he’s the Bachelor…here’s my past with him” then I wouldn’t report it. But he does, so I don’t think he’s really done well for himself or treated women correctly.

ET recently talked to one of Arie’s ex-girlfriends who said they had broken up just a few weeks before the Bachelor announcement. Is she one of the exes who reached out to you?

No, but I contacted her. She was one of the first ones that I was told about, somebody who knew her said, “You might want to contact this girl, she was just recently seeing him.” So, I contacted Sydney and she said that she was going to need to be compensated if she was going to talk about her relationship with Arie. So I said “OK, thank you, bye” and that was it. I don’t pay for my information.

OK so there’s the ex-girlfriends and the overlap, and then isn’t there also rumours going around that he allegedly goes to sorority parties to hook up with university girls?

Yeah, that’s what I hear. Still trying to get hopefully some photographic confirmation of that, but that seems to be the stories. Those were stories I was hearing in the last two or three years when Arie was irrelevant and not part of Bachelor Nation. I’ve always heard stories on and off about Arie since I did that exposé on him five years ago, so nothing seems to have changed with the guy.

Do you know anything about his feud right now with Jef Holm? I know they used to be friends and now I hear Jef is saying he doesn’t hang out with Arie anymore because he’s creepy.

Yeah, I don’t really know the details behind why they stopped hanging out or what happened there. I just know that they did a lot of stuff, they were like the boy wonder twins. Like when Jef says he’s got many stories to tell, Jef would be getting himself [in trouble] because everything he’s got on Arie, Arie’s got on him. So I don’t really know if Jef’s going to say it publicly or if he’s just going to tell people privately, like tabloids and stuff. I don’t exactly know what caused the end of their friendship.

Do you think The Bachelor franchise had any idea of these Arie stories when they offered him the gig?

Oh, they knew. They’re very well aware of him. It just means more people talking about their show so I don’t think they care.

I love that you’re calling Arie “Not Peter” on Twitter now. Did *you* think it should’ve been Peter?

I think Peter made the most sense…he’s the guy that most people wanted. I think the hype leading into Peter’s season would’ve far exceeded what we’re going to get for Arie. I mean they’ll hype up this season, they’ve already ran a promo using old shots of him saying “the race for his heart begins” and all this stuff, but I think Peter’s the one that would’ve just had people freaking out. So, to go with a guy who’s hasn’t been on the radar for five years, yeah you can’t tell me that he’s got the same—whatever you want to call it—Q factor going for his season that they would’ve had with Peter.

You tweeted out a few days ago that you already know who a few of the contestants are. How many do you have confirmed so far?

I have eight. And one of the eight definitely has a connection to one of Nick’s girls, that I do know. I think that she’s going to be—I don’t know anything about her other than what’s been told to me—but the fact that she has a connection to one of Nick’s girls makes me think that she’s not going to be a first night eliminee. I think she’ll stick around.

Do you have any other intel that you can share about them?

I know that there’s a single mom, but I can’t remember off the top of my head what any of their names are. But yeah, just the same type of models, real estate people; same cast that they always do. I mean, the casting is done before they choose who the Bachelor is.

Which is funny because they have all these commercials saying “apply to be on The Bachelor” but it’s like, you already have your cast. 

Yeah I know. They do it because they know the majority of the audience isn’t aware of so many inner workings of this show. So, that’s where I come in and try to educate people on how this actually works. These people that come on the show are recruited to be on the show. It’s not auditions, open casting, casting calls or stuff like that. I don’t think anyone really gets cast out of those. In the past, yes. Now? No.

Arie’s season of The Bachelor kicks off in January 2018. Until then, visit the Morning After for all your Bachelor Canada needs. 

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