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Rachel Lindsay Has Hopped the Train to SponCon City

At least she hasn’t resorted to promoting FabFitFun boxes or Sugar Bear Hair vitamins... yet

A look at Rachel's sponsored content on Instagram post Bachelorette

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It’s been almost two weeks since Rachel Lindsay’s journey on The Bachelorette came to what we can all agree was a v. unsatisfying end, and her engagement to Bryan Abasolo isn’t the only thing we’ve been rolling our eyes at. What’s also been grinding our gears as of late—even more than Bryan’s B.S. lines and sloppy kisses—is Rachel’s sudden, and v. excessive, sponsored content on Instagram.

It’s true, our former Bachelorette has wasted absolutely zero time hopping on the train to SponCon City—posting her first Insta ad the DAY her finale aired. (Quite possibly the earliest SponCon start we’ve seen from a Bachelor Nation lead.)

We should make clear it that we don’t live under an Instagram rock. We know sponsored content and #ads are basically part of the deal when you sign up for The Bachelor/ette these days. All of our favourites do them; Jade Roper—as noted by the The Cut—seemed to slide some SponCon into her birth announcement, and even Peter has started promoting FabFitFun. But we thought that things would be different with Rachel.

All season long, Rachel was presented as this intelligent, badass lawyer—which she totally is—who went on the show solely to find love. And we fully believed that after the season was over she would return to making bank at her badass lawyer job instead of chasing Instagram fame. And at first, that seemed to be the case. We’d heard stories of press interviews with Rachel where in between takes, she’d be on her laptop lawyering (#goals much?), and we were pleasantly surprised when she didn’t succumb to Sugar Bear Hair ads the day she got sent home on Nick’s season (like basically everyone else did). We really truly thought, hmmm…maybe Rachel Lindsay *will* be different.

Or maybe not. It’s been 11 days since her finale aired and she’s already posted five sponsored content ads on Instagram. Don’t get us wrong, we still love Rachel (so much that we even wrote her a freaking love letter) and hell, if we were in her shoes, we might find it hard to refuse those SponCon dollars, too. But we still can’t help but feel a little played. And don’t even get us started on the fact she and Bryan mentioned on After the Final Rose that they’re considering moving to L.A. even though they both have great jobs in Dallas and Miami, respectively.

Maybe we’re just judgy bitches. Maybe these ads are simply a part of Rachel’s Bachelorette contract, and maybe she and Bryan are considering moving to L.A. because they want a fresh start and like the sunny weather. But whatever the case, we’re not here for it. And while we wait for more inevitable #ads from our former Bachelorette, here’s a roundup of what she been advertising so far:

It all started with this Lord and Taylor event, where “the newly engaged couple will be stepping out in public for one of the first times, holding hands and handing out roses to promote [the store’s] new price-matching program”

Then it was a Dunkin’ Donuts ad (at least it’s not Flat Tummy Tea!)

Of course Copper had to get involved

OK, we’ll let this last one slide cause proceeds are going to a very important cause

*End note: At least she hasn’t resorted to promoting FabFitFun boxes or Sugar Bear Hair vitamins yet. We don’t know what we’ll do when that day comes.

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