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Peter Weber Is the Next Bachelor and I Am Losing It

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Bachelor 2020 Peter Weber

After a tumultuous season of The Bachelorette that included highlights such as: Hannah Brown choosing men that already have girlfriends; Luke P. in general; Tyler C. dating Gigi Hadid; and the sheer insult of sending home the perfection that is Mike Johnson—ABC has *actually* shocked me. Announced during the Bachelor in Paradise finale, Peter Weber—the 28-year-old pilot from Westlake Village, California, and overall snore-fes—is our next Bachelor and my brain cannot deal. I do not possess the mental dexterity to wrap my mind around this blatantly disrespectful decision. Someone get Chris Harrison on the line—who gave him permission?!

TBH, I half expected Ashton Kutcher to jump out from behind a van and tell us we, as a society, have been Punk’d. But then I remembered it’s not 2003. And confusion set in. Mike Johnson is out here being the literal hunk of the century and we are choosing yet another VERY regular pilot?? Mike is style and grace. He is a respectful angel dropped from the heavens into the Bach Nation empire. And to put it plainly, I would not be able to spot Weber in a crowded Chipotle and that is the truest definition of a viable Bachelor candidate, if I’m being perfectly honest.

Pilot Pete is a *light* Ben Higgins but with the ability to speak Spanish (like a lot of America) and fly a plane (not like most of America). Do those skills absolve him from beating out loving, cute, attractive, hilarious and diverse Big Mike? Absolutely not, but here’s the tea on our next Bachelor, if you care.

Windmill action is strong

After Hannah confessed on national television that she and Pistol Pilot Pete had mile-high action four times over within the confines of a windmill during their overnight fantasy suite date, that infamous performance might be his greatest pull to get Sugar Bear Hair endorsing hopefuls auditioning for a chance for round two.

His job is cool, I guess

Per his nickname, Pete is exactly that, a pilot for Delta Airlines, and aviation runs in the family. Both his dad and doppelgänger brother Jack are pilots as well. Which means he’s worldly like Carmen Sandiego and if ABC is committed to this storyline I expect a plane ride in every date.

Nice family vibes

The 28-year-old’s hometown date with Hannah Banana was wholesome AF and we got a peek into his very sweet and normal family dynamic. The Cuban-German household sat down to break bread and took part in a v. cool, pre-dinner German prayer which included chants and high fives.

Charitable tendencies

According to the very curated Instagram that Pete maintains, he donates blood and has recently founded a charity in honour of his grandmother Aurora, who fought leukemia.

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Hey guys, something my brother Jack and I are very passionate about is giving blood. It’s been a dream of ours to one day start a foundation in honor of our grandmother Aurora who fought Leukemia. Giving blood and especially platelets is one of the only things that gives cancer patients relief and makes them feel good again. I want to challenge you guys to reach out to your local Red Cross and go in for a donation. I promise you the feeling of literally giving someone life is 💯worth that scary needle. Jack and I are going to start putting on blood drives around the country so keep an eye out for announcements and we can’t wait to meet you all! #givebloodgivelife #americanredcrossblooddrive

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His best friend is an adorable pup

Falling in love with a man who owns a small dog is actually my personal nightmare, but I’m sure his tiny puppers will make the appropriate television appearance and only add to his likeability….


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