Peter Kraus Turned Down The Bachelor Three Times

And proves he's the only sensible person in this entire franchise

Since he first graced the screen during Rachel Lindsay’s 2017 season of The Bachelorette, former contestant Peter Kraus has *clearly* been the Bachelor alum that got away. For many in Bach nation, the fitness trainer and model from Madison, Wisconsin seems like the perfect man. Sure, there are the obvious physical traits—he’s tall, handsome and fit, not to mention that salt-and-pepper hair and disarming gap-tooth smile. But it’s the maturity he brought to Rachel’s season (TBH a rarity in the franchise), culminating in the way he left—after having an adult conversation with Rachel during which he told her he wasn’t ready to get engaged—that made him that much more desirable.

In the three years since his time on the show, Bachelor nation has been begging for Peter to be our next Bachelor, but to no avail. And now we know why—Peter reportedly legit turned down the offer THREE TIMES. In an April 23 episode of The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous podcast, Peter revealed that he’d been offered the lead role by producers and turned them down for several reasons, including: a) he had started speaking with someone and the producers asked if he’d end it, b) he wasn’t confident he’d come out with an engagement and didn’t want the pressure to propose regardless of his feelings,  c) he makes more money IRL than the franchise was offering, and d) when it came down to it, one of Peter’s *pretty* healthy negotiation requests was turned down. Speaking to the podcast hosts and former Bach contestants, Peter said that if he were the lead, he wanted “relationship counselling for myself and the top four or five girls during the process so we could work things out on a deep level.”

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In addition, Peter says he requested ongoing support for himself and the winner *after* they left the show. Which is honestly very smart. Because, how many people could actually commit to marrying someone they’d known for two months, not to mention was dating alongside 25 other people. Getting married is a big deal!

And since darling Peter never became the Bachelor, it appears that the producers were pretty much like: “Wait, trying to establish boundaries and build an actually healthy relationship? Don’t know her.”

Which, let’s be honest, are we really surprised? The show’s creators and producers have been known for some seriously sketch behaviour (including potentially locking contestants in closets?!), so the fact that they weren’t down for helping contestants cultivate an actually healthy relationship shouldn’t be that shocking.

But honestly producers, not having Peter be the emotionally stable Bachelor we all need and deserve?

Because Peter’s requests—and the fact that he isn’t just jumping at the opportunity to be on TV—make him even more desirable; and prove that he might be the only sensible person in this entire franchise.

Until the producers clean up their act and give us the sweet prince we all deserve, Bach nation seems doomed to have dud leads like Pilot Pete.

Seriously, help us all.

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