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Bachelorette Alert: 13 Things We Learned from Hardcore Creeping Peter's IG

Basically he's the man of our dreams

Last week, obvious Bachelorette front-runner (and recent love of our lives) Peter Kraus posted an Instagram revealing that high school Peter’s #LifeGoals was to “become famous in one way or another” and go on The Bachelor. The whole “become famous in one way or another” thing is a little concerning—is he here for the right reasons???—but TBH we’re already too invested in him to care. High school Peter also had a chin strap goatee, pierced ears and a v. questionable haircut, so it’s safe to say he wasn’t in the right frame of mind at the time anyway.

This Instagram did prompt another major revelation: we literally don’t know anything about Peter other than the fact that he’s smokin’ hot and has gapped teeth. So herewith, everything we learned about Rachel’s future husband (this isn’t a spoiler, just our fondest wish) from a thorough Insta-gation:

He’s a personal trainer

His Bachelor bio says he’s a “business owner” but according to his Instagram he’s a personal trainer and owns a personal training program called Worth. So basically he’s Shawn B.

He used to be a model

Peter’s Instagram is flooded with too-hot-to-be-real #TBTs from his modelling days and we’ve srsly never hated Rachel more.

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He’s a family man—just call him Uncle P.

When you’re done picking your jaw off the floor after seeing all those model pics of Peter’s #blessed bod, get ready to feel some more feels because not only does he have impeccably good looks, he’s also super tight with his fam and is the cutest uncle ever!

The other lady in my life. #unclep #babyfaces #loveher

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Throwback Thursday to an awesome week spent with my number one lady! #ladylove #unclep #tbt

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Teaching her while she’s young. #flagpole #unclep #playgroundsareforeveryone

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He repeats outfits!

We caught Peter recycling one of his old runway looks on Night One of The Bachelorette. But whatever, dude knows what looks good on him.

(Photo: City)

(Photo: City)

He’s into sports, especially football

Which is perfect because Rachel is too! Many heated debates over who is the better team—the Packers or the Cowboys—to come.

He’s artsy

He sketched the lion when he was a kid.

Rachel and Peter’s kids will defs have gapped teeth

On their first 1-on-1, Peter told Rachel that his gap was a family trait, and he wasn’t kidding—literally everyone in his family has it. No one rocks it as good as him tho *insert all the heart-eye emojis*

#family #gopackgo #superdome

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My favorite!! Steeling uncle “P”s goggles. #mexico #niece #USA #letsgoswimming

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He’s a DIY king

So Rachel and Peter’s future house will be filled with adorable gap-toothed children and also only the finest furniture.

He can cook

A former model-turned-personal trainer who’s good with kids, is artistic, can DIY like no other AND cook?? Where do *we* get one?

He looks damn good in a wetsuit

Like honestly, this photo isn’t even fair for the other guys in it. Here’s hoping Rachel brings Peter on a date that requires one!

He also looks great in a boring ol’ regular suit 

And we’ve got the pictures to prove it.

10 years of friendship, I’ll be your plus one any time @mikkanordby #bff

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But he looks his best in his b-day suit 

Note to Rachel: Just marry this guy and call it wraps on your season.

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