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Peter Kraus Won't Be On The Bachelor Winter Games After All (WTF?)

What fresh hell is this???

peter kraus headshot in grey t-shirt

What in the…??

While it remains completely unclear WTF The Bachelor Winter Games even is—Does it involve physical games? Are the contestants trying to win love or a medal? Will there be rose ceremonies?—we were sure Peter was going to be on it. In October, producer of The Bachelor Mike Fleiss confirmed our gap-toothed boo’s involvement in the intriguing spinoff—set to air February 13—via tweet.

And now, a mere month away from the premiere of the four-episode series, and Peter isn’t even listed in the freaking cast list released by ABC. Are. You. Kidding. Me?!

First, The Bachelor team chooses the capital-B Boring Arie Luyendyk Jr. from like a million seasons ago to embark on a quest to find love, when the CLEAR AS DAY choice was Peter, a.k.a. the “real salt and pepper daddy” (nickname courtesy of FLARE’s Jenn Berry). Now this?

According to Entertainment Weeklythe Peter-less series will see 14 contestants from various international versions of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, together with 12 American contestants, competing for “romantic connection” in Vermont.

Adding insult to injury, the cast list was presented to the public with several photos of the participating Bach Nation folks wearing corny winter jackets with the flag of their home country embroidered over their hearts. Yes, we’re serious.

Peter replied to our shock with an entirely unhelpful quip about… living in Wisconsin? Is it weird that we’re still charmed?

The gaping hole where Peter should be burns to the core, but the show still sounds pretty amusing. In October, Deadline reported that viewers will see Bachelor fan faves reunited at a “luxurious winter resort” where they will battle in winter-themed athletic challenges. Soooo, yes—it’s basically the Olympics, but all the “athletes” are trying to find love.

We’ll tune in, but begrudgingly, K? One of these seasons, we’re going to need more Kraus in the house!

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