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Guys, Mike Johnson Is Going to Be Just Fine—and So Are We

We should all take a cue from Mike about moving on after disappointment

Mike Johnson The Bachelorette

(Photo: Katherine Singh)

It’s been almost three weeks since Bachelor Nation fans learned the devastating news that our fan favourite, Mike Johnson, was not going to be our next Bachelor. Instead, our sweet prince was passed over for Pilot Pete; a decision that perplexed so many, because as FLARE writer Amanda Demeku so poetically put it: “I would not be able to spot Weber in a crowded Chipotle.” Frankly, Mike deserved better—and so did we.

And, as to be expected, Bachelor Nation freaked out. Hard. And for good reason. Aside from being such a cutie, Mike as the next Bach would have been historic, making him the first man of colour to lead the franchise. But alas, we’re left with another year of bland mayo gracing our screens. Mike not being our next Bachelor is a hard pill to swallow, and super dissapointing. But, if you’re looking for a way to get past the hurt, look no further than the man of the hour himself. Because guys, Mike is going to be just fine.

For many reasons. The first being that he is *fine.*

Like, fiiiine.

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You guys, he is so hot. Something I repeatedly (and professionally) conveyed to the hunky Bachelor alum, via my continuous gushing, when we caught up while he was in town for Eligible Magazine‘s The Bachelor Party. But also, Mike’s going to be A-OK because, as he says, he has a lot to be grateful for.

“I 100% have bounced back,” Mike says of his life post-Bachelorette. “[For me, that] means that I’m not griping or sad about anything that’s taken place. It’s 2019 and my life has completely, drastically changed—I’m just so grateful… the best version is yet to come.”

Which is true. The 31-year-old portfolio manager is currently touring around, spreading his messages of positivity and self-love. He has a motivational books and businesses in the works, and his Instagram captions are seriously like getting a bear hug. “Some of what I have going on right now, I’m literally going to use my light to shine on other people so that they continue to increase their self-love and lower their insecurities in multiple different ways,” he says. He’s also, *potentially* (a.k.a. probably, most likely, totally) dating an international superstar. Demi Lovato, you may heard of her? So we can imagine *that* really helps with the whole moving on thing.

But moving on (with or without Lovato) doesn’t mean Mike isn’t open to the possibility of going back to the Bachelor franchise—if it means breaking barriers in the process. “If I was not in a relationship or in love next year, I would be the Bachelor if they gave me the call,” he says. And, he’s confident (more than I am TBQH), that the franchise will eventually get there, because they have to. 

Katherine Singh with Bachelor Mike

The writer with Mike Johnson (Photo: Courtesy of Katherine Singh)

“I can guarantee there will be a Black Bachelor lead if not next season than the season after,” Mike says, I’ll bet $1,000 on that.” Because at some point in time, the audience is going to be fed up from not having a more diverse, full cast.” And, Mike says, it doesn’t necessarily have to be him—or a Black bachelor—who elicits the change. “Not only have we  not had a Black lead, we haven’t had an Indian lead, we haven’t had a full Latino lead outside of Juan Pablo, we haven’t had an Asian lead,” he says. “People always talk about salt and pepper, Black and white, but there’s other beautiful cultures as well.” *BRB, nominating Dev Patel for Bachelor Season 25.*

When it comes to bouncing back from disappointment, whether it’s having your heart broken on national TV (twice) or being passed over for The Bachelor,  Mike has some great and very on-brand advice about heartbreak: “My tips would be simply to continue to stay confident,” he says. “The most successful people get over things quite quickly. And, fake it ’till you make it.”

And we, Bachelor Nation fans, should take a cue from Mike, both in getting over our heartbreak over not having him on our screens, and in everyday life. Yeah, it truly sucks that we’re going to have to put up with *another* year of Wonder Bread in a suit for a Bachelor, but we have to take a deep breath and move forward, confident that the best is yet to come.

If Mike and his handstands have taught us anything, it’s that when you get knocked down (or hurtle yourself continuously in to the ground) you can get back up again!

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