Everything We Know About Bachelorette Contestant Kevin F.

Including his recent run in with the law...

(Photo: ABC)

Bachelor Nation is here for the drama, and even before Season 15 of The Bachelorette started filming, there was plenty of it. After the contestants were announced, one of Hannah’s would-be suitors, Matt Dione, was booted off the show after multiple women on social media called him out for being a total creep—even comparing his behaviour to Joe from Netflix’s You. And it turns out, he isn’t the only one with a shady past.

Bachelorette contestant Kevin Fortenberry, soon to be better known as Kevin F. He’s loves a gym selfie and we’re all for those baby blues and kind smile, but this dude isn’t exactly squeaky clean.

Here’s what we know so far about Kevin F:

He has a criminal record 

Kevin F. had a serious misstep back in August 2017. According to the court document obtained by In Touch Weekly, Kevin F. was arrested and charged for drunk driving, registering a a blood alcohol level of 0.08 or higher. He was also driving 41-54 km/h over the listed speed limit.

According to the police report, when he was pulled over, Kevin F. was slurring his words and stated that he didn’t realize how fast he was going. He was also adamant that he was not “a drinker” (though his IG posts indicate he loves Barefoot wine) and had only consumed one “cu-tini” that evening. The now-27-year-old plead guilty to the DUI and was ordered to do counselling, attend a victim impact panel, pay a fine and complete 100 hours of community service. He is also currently on probation, which will end on September 16—so, there’s that.


He’s a gym rat who loves a good selfie

Considering Instagram profile is filled with Zoolander-esque selfies or pics of his bulging biceps, it’s fair to say that Kevin F. knows he’s really pretty. In fact, nearly all of his 562 posts seem to be of his body or some other gym-related content. Even the pic of him dressed up for a Christmas party has the hashtags #fitness, #gym and #bodybuilding. Cleary, this dude lifts, and he wants you to know it.

He’s in the U.S. army

If Hannah likes a man in uniform, she better prepare herself. According to his Facebook page, Kevin F. is a behavioural health specialist in the Army National Guard and you have to admit, he look real good in those fatigues.

He has questionable taste in food 

In between muscled selfies on Instagram, Kevin H. shares the occasional #foodporn pic—but he doesn’t appear to be much of a chef. Meals on his feed include a “big bowl of beef,” a bowl of cut up chicken breast “with a thin layer of buffalo sauce for flavour” and a lot of turkey sandwiches that look worthy of the Fyre Festival. Apparently some people asked the 27-year-old about his diet, and in an IG caption, he responded saying, “after having an unrealistic amount of turkey/chicken and rice I will come home after a long day and put my creativity to the test and I came up with 4 bland, plain ass turkey sandwhiches on wheat! and boy does it take away all those cravings of sweets.”

He’s a Disney fan 

Kevin F. has a few random videos on his Instagram where he attempts to show off his more playful side. One such post is a video of him sitting in the passenger seat and belting out “Friend Like Me,” the Aladdin classic sung by the late Robin Williams, with the unbridled enthusiasm of an 8-year-old child. There’s a Disney kid in all of us after all. Here’s hoping that Season 15 will have a karaoke date so we can see these skills put to use.

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