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Unpopular Opinion: Jordan Is the Best Part of The Bachelorette

TBH, I think he is trolling us all—and I love every second of it

Jordan from the Bachelorette posing in a white shirt

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I don’t care what anyone says: Becca Kufrin’s televised journey to find love is greatly enriched by contestant Jordan Kimball.

The 26-year-old male model from Florida was not super popular on Night One (he came across a bit arrogant with his “the power is in the brows” remark), but after watching Episode 2 of The Bachelorette on Monday night, it’s clear that Jordan is entertaining as hell—and I’m here for alllllll of it.

Last night, while fitness coach Connor Obrochta was having a shit fit and throwing a photo of Becca and Lincoln Adim into the pool, Jordan was keeping his cool and doing what he does best: being his hilarious self. Throughout the ep, Jordan showed Becca how to walk a runway, made fun of Lincoln, stripped to his underwear and subsequently got into a fight with chicken/venture capitalist David Ravitz, and showed up to the Rose Ceremony draped in a pink fluffy blanket. If that’s not quality TV, I don’t know what is.

In order to celebrate the greatness that is Jordan, here are six reasons why he’s the best part of the The Bachelorette.

His passion for fashion runs deep

As a serious/probs super successful model, Jordan understands the importance of #fashion. That’s precisely why he dresses to show up the other men in the house—and impress Becca, of course. The first night he laid eyes on fame Becca, he wore a grey suit in order to stand out. “Just by me wearing grey, I will stand out,” he said. He also sported shoes that make a tapping noise because he wanted Becca “to hear the tapping of the shoes I wore because it’s like the heartbeat of a gentleman.”

In episode two, Jordan was not shy about insulting other men’s pocket squares and, in a bonus scene that ran during credits, he walked producers through his entire outfit. (He was wearing a grey polo with white stars that he said conveys he’s both stylish and serious.)

He has incredible one-liners

“My brand is the pensive gentleman.”

“Being a model, I beat good-looking guys all the time.”

“As far as being in clothes and being comfortable, no one is going to beat me at that, I’m a professional. That’s what makes me me.”

“I wore my underwear, bro—that’s not me trying to get attention.”

“Nothing attracts a woman more than being comfortable next to a sexy man.”

“I’m multi-dimensional; I’m not just hair.”

“Attached to me is professionality.”

He gives #lifeadvice

Jordan has dished out some seriously solid advice during his two episodes, including giving Becca a pep talk at their wedding-inspired group date. “Before you put your socks on or your pantyhose or your shoes even, put your confidence on,” he said. Will she get that inked on her wrist next to her cross tattoo? One can only hope.

His Instagram account is also littered with words to live by, which appropriately caption shirtless pics and modelling shots (many involve him submerged in water).


He isn’t afraid to strike a pose

In case you forgot he’s a model, Jordan uses every opportunity to take his “professionality” to the next level by showing others how truly talented he is at modelling. (Did you know he’s “one of fewer than 100 Wilhelmina male models in the United States”?) From unprompted runway walks to frequent Blue Steel poses, the Bachelor mansion is his runway.

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He creates non-lame drama

Ok, so *many* contestants on The Bachelor/Bachelorette are known for their antics, but Jordan’s fights with his housemates feel…different. Perhaps it’s because his insults are so bad they’re good?

On Monday, he legit started a fight with David because he interrupted his one-on-one time with Becca IN HIS UNDERWEAR. David, who did not find this funny at all, confronted Jordan and called the move “disrespectful,” arguing that Jordan was just trying to get attention. “I wore my underwear! That’s not me trying to get attention!” Jordan replied. This shit is so good you can’t even make it up.

Then, when David said that Jordan was “ingenuine,” he corrected him by saying his semi-nude move was actually a display of his “ingenuity,” implying that it showed how sincere he is. (Bachelor producers really need to get a dictionary in the house.)

In short, Jordan made up words between sipping his drink and casually insulting David, leaving David hella pissed and Jordan with a rose. Talent? I think so.

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Don’t ever change, Jordan.

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