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Could This Be *Yet Another* Hint That Grocery Store Joe Is Headed to Paradise?

And it includes watermelon swim trunks

Joe the Grocer Bachelorette: Former Bachelorette contestant Joe Amiable smiles at the camera wearing a green jacket and grey shirt.

(Photo: Courtesy City)

His bright smile and boy-next-store vibe made us fall fast for Chicago-based Bachelorette contestant Joe Amabile—a.k.a. Grocery Store Joe—during last week’s eventful Season 14 premiere. However, we were left clutching our glass of rosé in shock after our girl Becca Kufrin booted our love Joe from the show at the end of the premiere, but was that the last we’ll see of the charming contestant? As it turns out, we may see the 31-year-old dreamboat sooner than we think.

On June 2, the most handsome grocery store owner in the Northern Hemisphere posted an *adorable* reunion pic on Instagram with the Bachelorette herself in Bloomingdales, but it was his interesting choice of shorts—or shall we say trunks—that caught our eye.

Look who I found @bkoof and watermelon swim trunks

A post shared by Joe Amabile (@joeamabile1) on

Watermelon-patterned swim trunks? Could Becca be helping the former contestant find suitable swimwear for a certain vacation in Paradise?!

You may think we’re looking *way* too deep into this, but there’s been other hints that this breakout contestant could be making an appearance in the upcoming Season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise.

Last week, long-time Bachelor host and professional franchise teaser Chris Harrison posted a few cryptic tweets that could imply that our boy may make his rightful comeback in warmer temps. It started when Harrison posted a cheeky tweet that clearly alluded to the handsome Chicagoan.

Shortly after, Harrison implied the same thing AGAIN while responding a fan’s tweet.

Be still our hearts, could this mean our beloved (ex) contestant could be make an appearance in Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise?! It doesn’t look like we’ll be getting anymore hints from Harrison, though, as he’s plead the fifth to all further questions on the matter.

Naturally, those who were still heartbroken from the premiere (a.k.a. us) went berserk at the thought of our beloved Joe in Mexico.

Guess we will just have to wait for the official announcement, but if this means our sweet Joe gets a second chance at love we are all for it. After all, who doesn’t like a partner who can *literally* bring home the bacon?

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