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The Star of Listen To Your Heart Isn’t Even on the Show

FYI, it's Jed Wyatt

After more than 30 seasons of unhinged sobbing, premature declarations of love and moments like Champagne-gate, there was no way the Bachelor machine was going to let a global pandemic get in their way. On April 13, the latest spin-off, The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart, premiered. And no, it’s not a dating show for ER doctors and cardiac surgeons (although how cool and like an IRL episode of Grey’s Anatomy would that be?!)

The new show, which was shot pre-quarantine, features 20 singles who also happen to all be musicians, looking to find a “duet partner for life.” The romantic hopefuls try to make connections with their fellow contestants and, once they do, couples go on a series of music-themed dates. Then the pairs go on to perform in front of a live audience with judges (which include a mix of musical guests, like singer Jewel, and former Bach alums like Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick). Per an ABC press release, “the couples whose performances reveal their love and devotion to one another (!) will continue to be given a chance to further their relationships until only one couple is left standing.” Here’s the saucy catch: Listen To Your Heart contestants are free to make music with whoever they want—and that means potentially trying on many different musical partners (and lovers) for size. And each week, new cast members are introduced to the house—which means more potential competition.

Those who aren’t in a committed couple are sent home each week and in the end, contestants will hopefully walk away with a “musical match for life.” It’s a lot more like Bachelor in Paradise—with more clothing, fewer crabs and more talent—than a typical season of The Bachelor or Bachelorette. The winning couple will receive the chance to write and record original music, as well as film a music video (a fave pastime for Bach alum), in addition to finding everlasting love. They will also reportedly go on tour at some point after the finale. Honestly, it’s all pretty vague. (Side note: Everyone keeps saying they’re inspired by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s characters falling in love in A Star is Born, and…they all know how that movie ends, right?)

One thing we do know? After a single episode, there’s already a clear breakout star of the season—and he isn’t even physically there. If there’s one thing that became crystal clear during the April 13 premiere of Listen To Your Heart, it’s that Bachelor nation villain Jed Wyatt is 100% the inspiration for the show. And honestly, this is the level of petty he—and we—deserve.

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ICYMI, Jed Wyatt is trash

For those not so well-versed in their Bachelor history, Jed is (besides Barb) officially enemy number one. As a suitor on Season 15 of The Bachelorette, Jed—who is now infamous for his dog food commercial jingle—serenaded his way to the finale, before proposing and becoming engaged to the much-beloved Hannah Brown. But their engagement was super short-lived. Not long after the finale, Hannah found out that Jed wasn’t the single romantic he crooned to be; instead, the musician had a girlfriend back home and competed on The Bachelorette for the express purpose of furthering his music career (which was not surprising, considering the number of times he whipped out his guitar). Jed tried to claim that although he’d initially come on the show for the wrong reasons, he had inevitably fallen in love with the Bachelorette. OK, JED!

Hannah couldn’t forgive him (which, understandable); and neither could Bach nation who were watching the season unfold with the knowledge that her future fiancée was manipulating her. It was not a fun watch.

Since they broke off their engagement, Hannah has gone on to potentially rekindle things with runner-up (and should-have-been winner) Tyler Cameron, and Jed is now in a committed relationship. (No word on how his career is doing, though).

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And Listen To Your Heart is the “payback” Jed deserves

While one would argue that being publicly dragged by Bachelor nation is restitution enough for being a massive douchebag, the Bachelor producers are here to very publicly disagree. Because it’s so clear that they a) also think Jed is a wasteman and b) are really ready to capitalize on him *and* rub his face in it. There is nothing more petty than creating a show around a person’s shady storyline (especially when said a-hole was probably cast by producers in the first place *because* of said storyline), and allowing new contestants to get what he so obviously wanted: a shot at love *and* a music career.

Seriously, if Jed had only waited one season, he really could have had it all.

The show even went so far as to cast Trevor, a contestant who not only looks pretty much *exactly* like Jed, but also rocks the same jacket as him.

Which, as many pointed out online, doesn’t necessarily bode well for the contestant…

Did the Bachelor producers literally send out a casting call for someone who owned this specific jacket? Or did they seek out American Idol alum Trevor and then source The Jacket directly from Jed’s own closet? Honestly, Mike Fleiss, why not rub a *a little* more salt in the wound? Just kidding, at this point that’s not even possible.

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Take it from Bekah M:

…and somewhere else, Hannah B. is cackling.

But also, maybe a chance for Jed to redeem himself?

As much as this new show is *so* clearly dragging the former Bach contestant, it’s also kind of a comeuppance for him. For one, Jed can now say that he’s inspired a new spin-off for Listen To Your Heart, which is nothing to scoff at. (In addition to having dog food commercial on his resume, he can add “TV show muse!”) Plus, it gives Jed a chance at redemption by showing he’s able to laugh at himself—which, if his tweet during the premiere is anything to go off—he’s kind of doing.

And what was it that Beyoncé said in “Formation”? “You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation?” The same still stands for Jed. The more we talk about him, the more he—and his music career—gain traction

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Either way, we’ll probably, most likely, definitely be tuning in week after week. Because, TBH, we have literally nothing else to do.