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Becca and Garrett Vote Jason for Next Bachelor—He Says He'd "Definitely Consider It"


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The internet has v. strong feels about who should be the next Bachelor, and it looks like Becca and Garrett do, too!

After Becca sent Jason home during their Fantasy Suite date, the people of Twitter quickly decided he was their top choice for The Bachelor season 23—and post-finale, so did Becca and her slow-talking love. In an interview on Good Morning America, the newly-engaged couple joked that while contestant Jordan Kimball would deliver some hilarious one-liners if he were to become the next Bachelor, Jason’s the one who actually has their vote. “I have a soft spot for Jason,” Kufrin said. “I think he’s so charismatic… He would be so open to all of the girls on the journey.” Yrigoyen joked that Leo is one of his top choices for the next Bachelor “for his good hair,” but ultimately agreed with Becca’s choice, saying: “I think Jason would be great.”

Tbh, if there’s anything the former contestant has proven throughout his run on the show (and his heartbreaking split with Becca), it’s that he’s the *perfect* candidate for the role—here’s why.

1. His emotionally intelligent breakup

After Becca let Jason go during their almost-Fantasy Suite date, the former contestant felt like he didn’t get the closure he needed—so, naturally, Jason went to Chris Harrison with a request to speak to Becca one last time. Understandable, right?

When he got to Becca’s hotel room, Jason made it clear that he wasn’t going back to Becca to argue her decision—he was just truly trying to understand it and say a few words of his own before he left *for good.* Although Jason still didn’t get answers he wanted, he respected her feelings and they said their (amicable) goodbyes.

After this final, v. mature breakup, Becca tearfully credited Jason for being kind and respectful given the difficult circumstances. In a voiceover, she said: “The world needs more Jasons. I’ve never seen a guy be like that especially after being blindsided.” She continues on to make a *perfect* case for Jason being next in line for the Bachelor throne: “I guess I really hope he finds somebody and I really think that he will. And she’s gonna have to treat him like a king. He deserves only, only, only the best.”

2. He’s an excellent scrapbooker

Despite some speculation that an intern was responsible for making Jason’s breakup scrapbook for Becca, the gift was nonetheless a final, sweet gesture of goodwill, featuring funny stories and photos of all the adventures the pair shared throughout the season, alongside at least one joke: a name tag, alluding to the time earlier in the season when she forgot his name.

Fellow contestant Colton Underwood agrees that Jason’s scrapbooking skills are top notch.

3. He was *totally* there for the right reasons

The Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants *love* throwing around the line that they’re “there for the right reasons”—but for Jason, it was real. During the emotional breakup, Jason made it clear that his feelings for Becca were real all along. “I want you to know that the love I had for you is as genuine as it’s ever been in my life and the care I have for you is the realest I’ve ever had with anyone and there’s a lot to be said for that,” he said.

And we believe him—especially after he confessed that the feelings he developed for Becca surpassed his expectations. Plus, he really gave it his all during his nine-week run on the show. “I’m not regretful of how I communicate my feelings and I can leave this journey knowing I put in all on the table,” he said. “I’ll always be rooting for her happiness.” Swoon.

4. Chris Harrison is already his wingman

When Jason decided that he wanted to talk to Becca one more time to get the closure he needed, Chris Harrison was supportive, going as far as to give Jason Becca’s hotel room number. With the Bachelor franchise’s fairy godfather and professional matchmaker on his side, *nothing* is impossible where Jason is concerned.

5. His kissing skills deserve to be shared

Becca has been *very* vocal about Jason’s unsurpassable kisses multiple times throughout the season. In fact, she was so blown away by Jason’s moves that she couldn’t help but to gush to her Bachelor alum girlfriends last episode about how great of a kisser Jason was (before Tia pulled her aside in the *worst* way possible to confess her feelings for Colton). And so, Bachelor Powers That Be, why waste this talent on just one woman when he could share it with 25 lucky ladies?

6. This season was full of problematic men—and he wasn’t one of them

Jason is a *gem* compared to several other dudes this season. By eliminating him from her final three, Becca is left to choose between a guy whose totally letting jealousy get the best of him (just chill already, Blake!) and a dude who—if you recall—rolled up on Night One in a minivan. (Oh, and let’s not forget already-dismissed season 14 contestant Lincoln, who was recently convicted of indecent assault and battery.)

And if you think the minivan entry was actually p. cute, please don’t forget that Garrett was also the subject of controversy when the Huffington Post reported that he liked Instagram posts mocking Parkland students, trans people, women and undocumented immigrants. After the incident, he deleted his Instagram account and apologized for his behavior in an Instagram post on his new account, saying “I have learned an extremely valuable lesson and am taking steps to grow, become more educated, and be a better version of myself.” (Becca also responded to the incident in a v. underwhelming way.)

7. The odds are in his favour—and he’s open to it

Jason hasn’t made an appearance on Bachelor in Paradise (which premiered August 7)—which means there’s still a chance that he’ll be hitting the Bachelor Mansion instead of the beach very soon. Unless Chris Harrison decides to pull yet *another* wildcard from his back pocket (still salty about Arie, tbh), we think Jason has a very good chance at becoming the next Bachelor, an experience he tells People he would “definitely consider.”

8. Becca and Garrett aren’t the only ones who are pro-Jason

Along with earning Becca and Garrett’s vote, Jason also has the support of fellow Bachelor alum—including Caila Quinn.

YouTuber Grace Helbig also appears to be a fan.

Which leaves us all with one important question: Is it too late to sign up?

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