The Bachelor: We Creeped Hannah G.'s Instagram So You Don't Have To

Sadly, we could not find a single photo of her cat

Hannah Godwin (Photograph: Courtesy City)

In 2019, you are your Instagram profile. This is particularly true in the world of Bachelor fandom, where, far above the prospect of 3.5 months as the future Mrs Colton Underwood (until that post-After the Final Rose breakup do you part), the real goal is launching a career as purveyor of power bars, meal kit services, etc., etc.

This week, we’re deep-diving into the social media presence of one of the early favourites from season 23: Hannah Godwin (a.k.a. @hannahg11). Not only did she win the first First Impression Rose, but this 23-year-old from Alabama has fast built herself a loyal BachNation stan club—and she has the over 400K followers to prove it, Here’s what we were able to learn about this highly-likely frontrunner (and recurring contestant in Sharleen Joynt’s weekly top-four list).

She’s an Instagram expert

According to her official ABC bio, Hannah owns a thriving “social media business,” which is old-person language for being a content creator. She entered the competition with an Instagram following somewhere around the 70K mark (which, impressive) and she’s managed to nearly six-tuple it (is that a word?) in the four weeks the show has been airing. We wouldn’t be surprised if she was near the 1 million-mark by the Final Rose—if she makes it that far, of course.


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She’s also a model

TBH, the line between the two professions is extremely blurred at this point, and, in the case of bloggers like Hannah, are essentially the same thing. She chooses to fill her bio with the contact info for both her modelling agent and her PR person, which says everything about the purpose of this account. (Candid, raw and spontaneous it is not.) Exception: as of this writing, she still has her “personal” email up in her bio, which: probably not a good idea?

She’s a hyper-realist

This refers, of course, to her chosen style of photography, which is best described as “Valencia filter with the structure slider all the way to the right.” It’s all very cool-toned, super crisp on the detail, and TBH, a little hard on the eyes when you’re deep diving through 698 posts. Where she is not (we’re assuming) a hyper-realist is in the lifestyle she’s presenting, which, as you might assume, is the standard lifestyle blogger pastiche of beaches, cafés, workout selfies and neon signage.


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She’s…super boring

SORRY. But it is true. This is an Instagram so entirely devoid of quirk/personality/anything other than tired Insta-bait that we’re struggling to find anything to say about Hannah, other than she feels like a cyborg representative of late-stage capitalism. But she seems nice?

Her cat is MIA

According to her ABC bio, she has a “sassy” cat named Marleigh. However, we scrolled real deep into the archives and found not a meow from this alleged pet. Which is a disappointment because cute kitties, unlike Hannah G’s Insta account, are never boring.

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