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Hannah, Girl, Take Your Mirror Ball and Run

Why the fatigue over Hannah’s season of The Bachelorette (and everyone on it) is real

Hannah Brown poses with the mirror ball trophy after winning Dancing with the Stars. She is wearing a gold sequinned dress

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Folks, it has been a BIG year for The Bachelorette‘s Hannah Brown. After sweeping onto our screens in Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor in early 2019, The Beast quickly became one of the franchise’s fave stars. Soon after, her stint as the Bachelorette—in which she chose Jed Wyatt only to find out he’s scum and dumped his ass—ignited tons of convos around religion, consent, showing up for yourself and the power of windmills. After leaving the franchise, Hannah hopped, skipped and fox-trotted her way over to Dancing with the Stars, competing on the dancing show’s 28th season. And on November 25, the interior designer won the whole dang thing! Aside from taking home the coveted mirror ball trophy, another big thing happened for Hannah on November 25, when, during the finale of the show, ABC aired a preview of the upcoming season of The Bachelor.

ICYMI, this season’s Bachelor is pilot Peter Weber, a controversial decision but one that ABC made nonetheless. He was in Hannah’s top three, and after a wild night of passion during their overnights (in which the couple had sex four times in aforementioned windmill), Hannah bid him adieu. They had some wild chemistry and, as evident on After the Final Rose, are still friendly.

Which brings us to this promo. Because lo and behold, who should show up in the preview but good ol’ Hannah herself. She makes two appearances in the ad, shocking both Peter and the other women vying for his heart when she cozies up to him and says she “would do anything for a relationship.”

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While Peter may have been gasping in shock at her appearance, we were gasping in exasperation. Because this is getting kind of old. Listen, we’re not under any illusions here. It’s pretty taken for granted that former contestants will milk their 15 minutes of fame for all that it’s worth. There are podcasts, eyewear partnerships, reality TV spin-offs, People magazine tell-alls and so much more. Seriously, the Bach marketability knows no bounds. But even with all that in mind, I can’t help but feel *extra* fatigued by the continuous news cycle around Hannah and several of the men on her season (*ahem* Tyler C *ahem*). And guys, your fame thirst is showing.

Here, why we’re kind of getting tired of Hannah and her beaus.

Everyone is finding love, but it doesn’t seem to be for “the right reasons”

For a franchise that’s all about finding love, The Bachelor has become notorious for contestants who aren’t on the show for “the right reasons.” And it’s starting to feel that way *off* the show as well. There’s no doubt that what Hannah and Peter had during her season was super cute and I’m sure super real. And in the latest promo, Peter makes it clear that he’d still like to explore things with his former flame (within reason), by asking her to come and be a part of the Bach house a.k.a compete on his season. But let’s be honest, regardless of how strongly Han still feels for Pilot Pete, we know that whatever that promo may have us believe, there is no way in hell that the former Bachelorette is going to compete in Peter’s season. Firstly, because that’s never happened when it comes to a lead; and secondly, because the filming schedules didn’t line up. Peter’s season started filming in September and finished filming in November. Over the two-month period of filming, Hannah was competing live on DTWS.  So what would the scenario be? Hannah trains during the day, only to lug herself and her exhausted AF body from dance practice to group dates in the PM? Maybe ABC flies her in and out of exotic Bach locales so she can make that 7 am DWTS practice? Not even the powers of TV magic and editing can make that schedule work out, and trust, no man is worth that.

According to Bachelor spoiler king, Reality Steve, Hannah was *not* a contestant on this season. She just merely popped in during the few hours she had off from DWTS to stir up some major drams.

And I’m thinking that if she’s just popping in, Pete—and the validity of her feelings for him—aren’t really a thing.

Also seemingly not finding love for the “right reasons?” Our former fave Tyler C. After very publicly dating model Gigi Hadid over the summer (and talking about their relationship a ton), our favourite Florida boy has moved on to the next. On November 24, he was spotted macking on Kylie Jenner’s newest BFF, Stassi Karanikolaou, at a club. Which just further validates my opinion that he’s getting messier and more despy the further he gets away from Hannah’s season.

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Plus, HB has built her image on being strong and independent—so let her stay that way

The fact that Hannah’s appearance on the upcoming season is a pure play for ratings is made even more transparent due to the fact that since her stint as the Bachelorette, Hannah Beast has cultivated an image of being a strong, independent woman who seriously does not need a man (and especially a man like Jed, ugh).

Coming into her season, Hannah was clearly characterized as the Southern Belle; the former beauty queen who was looking for a hubby to settle down with. And perhaps if she hadn’t ended up with such a dud as her final pick, that would have been her narrative moving forward. But after a very public heartbreak, in which the former Bach discovered that her hubby-to-be had actually *only* come on the show to advance his music career, and had a GF back home, Hannah emerged onto the stage at After the Final Rose looking triumphant and strong. She had made the decision to end her relationship with someone she felt she could no longer trust; and she handled the situation with so much class and dignity. In an interview with People after the finale, Hannah elaborated on her ATFR comments. “I have been in love with somebody in my past who lied to me, who cheated on me, and I tried to make it work,” she told the magazine. “But I’m not that girl anymore, and that’s been something I’ve been so proud of. So, no matter how much it hurts, I won’t allow myself to be stuck in something for any longer than I should be. I deserve better.” *claps all around*

Better yet? She proudly declared that the whole experience had given her a powerful realization: “I have realized that I don’t need a husband,” Hannah told host Chris Harrison on ATFR. “I want a husband, but I don’t need one. And I’m really, really proud of the woman that I’ve become through all this, because I am hella strong.”

To be clear: it’s 100% cool to want to couple up and find love. That is not a downfall and it does not make you less strong or independent. As Meg March infamously told her sister Jo in Little Women: “Just because my dreams are different than yours, doesn’t mean they aren’t important.” Which is true. But now that Hannah *has* made it clear that she’s focusing on herself, her happiness and her personal growth, injecting her into Peter’s season to potentially vie for his affection with 30+ other women, feels a little like a backtrack for her.

She’s told us what she wants. Now just let her be.

TBH, I don’t want Hannah to succumb to the “BBA”

Honestly, by now, Tyler C. is a lost cause for me. After coming onto Hannah’s season as a literal knight in shining mint shorts and building his reputation as someone who would constantly stand up for and support Hannah, even after his elimination, Tyler C. has succumbed to what we at FLARE have coined as the “Bachelor Bae Arc.” Likened to the Oscar’s curse, the “BBA” is a cycle in which (typically male) Bach alum rise to fame, only to eff it all up and fall from grace. See: Nick Viall and Blake Hortsemann. Often their downfall comes from an inflated ego brought on by super stardom or an over-saturation of them in our news feeds and our timelines. For Tyler C., his downfall wasn’t dating model Hadid, but the fact that he legit would not stop talking about it. Also, that he now seems to be trying to date any and all famous (or fame-adjacent) people. And I’m worried that the same thing will happen to our beloved Hannah.

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I 100% support and appreciate Hannah’s hustle. And TBQH, if the Bach franchise was repeatedly asking me to pop up on any and every spin-off show (she also made a brief appearance on season six of Bachelor in Paradise), I can’t confidently say that I’d decline. Because, fame! But, it’s a very fine line to straddle. There’s a difference between popping up on one or two Bach shows and becoming Bach grandpa Chris Bukowski. Hannah has been given the chance to branch out of the Bach franchise and explore other areas that focus on other attributes aside from her love life. I think it would be wise to take that opportunity and run with it. Plus, there are rampant rumours that she’s dating her DWTS partner, Alan Bersten, proving that love (and fame) does really come to you when you least expect it (or aren’t looking for it).

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