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Hannah B. and Tyler C. Made a Quarantine TikTok Account

But can they *please* stay inside?

Social distancing? Not for Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron, apparently. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the former Bachelorette couple has reunited and been chilling on the beach in Florida with a group of friends (please stop, that is not social distancing!). They’ve even started up a TikTok account with said friend group, called @thequarantinecrew.

@thequarantinecrewOfficial launch of the ##quarantinecrew ##fyp ##coronavirus @tylerjcameron3 @ryancameron49 @katedooley0 @olivia.faria @hannahkbrown @mattjames9191♬ Savage – Megan Thee Stallion

In their first post—set to Megan Thee Stallion‘s certified bop “Savage”—Tyler C. and three other guys come into frame and dance, then Hannah B. and three other women pop into the frame to finish it up. The video’s captioned, “Official launch of the #quarantinecrew #fyp #coronavirus.” We’re all for TikTok dances to keep up morale, but can we *please* stop going on beaches and hanging in groups? That’s not a quarantine…

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Bach Nation will probably still be psyched to find out the couple is publicly hanging out again, even if they haven’t made anything official. We all knew Hannah was making a mistake picking Jed, and it was pretty rough watching her and Tyler dance around each other while he dated Gigi Hadid after that.

Shortly after Tyler’s mom tragically passed away on February 29, Hannah went to Florida to be with him. They’ve seen each other at least a few times since. But seriously, as much as we want a happy ending for these two, we also want them to be responsible. With current Florida COVID-19 cases sitting above 300, you can get to know each other again indoors and without a group of pals around, guys.

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