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Ok Hannah Ann, Please Stop Dragging Peter Now

I never thought I’d say this, but it’s not a good look

As a well-known, quite sexist saying goes: “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” And if the phrase has *any* truth to it, then season 24 Bachelor Peter Weber is being seriously scorched by his ex-fiancée, Hannah Ann Sluss. The couple got engaged in the season finale—which was filmed in November 2019—and broke up behind the scenes in January 2020 just as the season was starting to air, after Peter said that he wasn’t fully invested in the relationship. Since going public with the breakup in March, Hannah Ann has moved to Los Angeles, signed up for TikTok and spent a good amount of time publicly dragging her former beau. 

In an April 15 episode of Your Favorite Thing, the Bachelor-related podcast hosted by Wells Adams and Brandi Cyrus, Hannah Ann told the hosts about the qualities she’s looking for in her next partner. “The next guy I’m looking for—the type, I want him to be very hunky. I want him to be very manly. Very, very decisive. Very independent,” Hannah Ann said. After some prodding, the model confirmed to the hosts that her comments were in fact a dig at her ex, Peter. “Yes, the opposite [of Peter],” she continued. “I want him to be, like, very manly and, like no messing around. Just to the point, decisive. And, I want him to be hot, like, super hot and hunky.”

While we can completely understand wanting a partner who is direct when it comes to communication and can actually make decisions for themselves, Hannah Ann dragging Peter’s looks and manliness comes only a few days after the former Bach contestant compared his man parts to cauliflower (because it’s so bland and has no taste). And while the cauliflower dig was pretty funny (but also left us with a few questions about Peter’s nether regions), all of these jabs are becoming a bit much, and honestly, aren’t making Hannah Ann look that great. Here’s why.

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First of all, Hannah Ann said yes to being with Peter 

Of course it’s 100% OK for people to change their minds and the way they feel about previous partners. Often, it’s distance and time that allows you to see a past relationship clearly. Without rose-coloured glasses on (and literal roses up for grabs, in the case of The Bachelor), it’s easier to take stock of your previous partner and evaluate how that person made you feel, and whether or not you *actually* fit together. In a way, this seems to be what Hannah Ann is doing.

Since she and Peter ended their relationship, it’s become very clear that she has reflected on the relationship and has not liked what she’s seen. During an April 9 episode of former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe’s podcast, Off the Vine, Hannah Ann told the host, “I stand by my feelings, I was in love with him,” while also acknowledging that those feelings had changed. “I do think that there’s someone out there that is way more compatible for me,” she said. “I don’t think we’re a fit.”

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But her comments as of late have still felt kind of hypocritical. All this dragging her ex for being a dud and a tasteless piece of limp cauliflower is kind of confusing, because, Hannah Ann…you *chose* to be with that bland piece of cauliflower! As far as we know, had Peter not been an indecisive trash human, the couple might still be together.

And dragging Peter so hard after the fact just looks petty

It’s because of this fact that Hannah Ann’s recent comments about Peter’s manhood and masculinity, not to mention his attractive-ness level, have felt kind of petty, and seem like the result of having been publicly dumped (which, to be fair, I’d be super pissed about too). Yes, we can all agree that Peter is indecisive AF and definitely has a lot to learn when it comes to being in a mature relationship, but saying you want someone who’s the complete opposite of your ex, and then specifying that that means someone who’s “super hot and hunky”? That feels like a low blow, especially because it’s something superficial that has nothing to do with the *actual* emotional issues Peter clearly has as a romantic partner: mainly, that he has a heart boner for pretty much any woman who shows interest in him and can’t make a romantic decision to save his life. Also, remember how many times he made the women confront each other? That was bad.

Not to mention, Hannah Ann’s comments are kind of problematic

As mean as it is to drag someone for how unattractive you now think they are, commenting on Peter’s manliness—or lack thereof—is a whole other can of problematic worms. In the context of talking about her relationship with Peter as a bad thing, by saying that she wants her next partner to be the opposite of Peter and be “very manly,” Hannah Ann’s comments essentially set up not being “manly” (whatever that may mean), as a bad, undesirable thing. Because what’s the opposite of “manly”? Weak?

And if that’s the case, then talking about manliness in this way is subscribing to a standard of masculinity that’s rooted in pretty toxic, traditional genders norms; the idea that men have to be—or are expected to aspire to be—macho or tough.

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FYI, men—and masculinity—can be *a lot* of different things. It’s not a manly/weak dichotomy.

And TBH, it seems like Hannah Ann is just trying to prolong her time in the spotlight

Finally, while we all know that pretty much everyone who goes on The Bachelor or Bachelorette is inevitably looking for their 15 minutes of fame, it’s hard not to feel a decidedly desperate grasp for fame when former contestants continue to stay in the limelight by talking shit about their exes (or continuously popping up, like Tyler C. and the dreaded BBA). Girl, we already *know* Peter is a dud and Kelley—a contestant on his season of The Bachelor—is a dud for quarantining (and potentially getting back together) with him. You don’t have to make him look bad; his actions, not to mention his seriously awks TikTok dancing, is doing *all* the work for you!

The best thing to do now is to live your life, stay healthy and safe, continue pursuing your modelling dreams and stay off TikTok (because TBH, those dances need some work).