Everything We Know About The Bachelorette's Jed W.

He’s a musician *and* knows how to dance for the ladies

Season 15 Bachelorette contestant Jed W. wearing a short-sleeved grey shirt as he smiles and poses for the camera.
(Photo: ABC)

A contender with huge potential this season, Jed W., aka Jed Wyatt, seems like the complete package: he’s good looking, he’s talented and he’s wholesome (the man loves pancakes!). We are definitely keeping our eyes on him as the Season 15 trailer highlights romantic moments between him and Hannah—from sharing a laugh and a kiss in a photo booth, to Jed W. telling her that he’s falling in love.

Outside of The Bachelorette, this 25-year-old from Nashville, Tennessee, is a musical star on the rise and it’s hard not to fall for him or his voice. Even though this Capricorn isn’t astrologically compatible with Hannah’s Libra sign, we’re not counting him out even if the stars in the sky might. Here’s more about the guy with the guitar.

A singer and songwriter

Imagine being serenaded for the rest of your life, and hopefully Hannah can. This musical genius is both talented and sort of famous. Jed has toured Nashville and is gaining popularity on Spotify in cities including Knoxville, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas and Cleveland. You can listen to his sweet voice on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify.

A male dancer

Jed W. doesn’t just one-two-step, he can perform. He’s worked at the Music City Male Revue in Nashville as a male dancer (we’re guessing he’s pretty popular there), and based on the shirtless photos, stripping is a definite possibility. Jed W.’s resume is racking him up to be quite the entertainer which could score him major points in the coming challenges.

Appreciates the little things

Even though his life has been anything but average during his time in the limelight, Jed W. appreciates the simple things in life and hopes to do more of that. In a Facebook post on his birthday this year, Jed W. writes that he would “tell [his] younger self to take everything in a little more.” He also offers advice to “take life a little slower,” which he probably needs to rethink if he wants to stay ahead of the other 29 guys trying to win Hannah’s heart.

Corny with the captions

Jed W. doesn’t seem too clever with his social media captions but at least he tries. His comment on a black-and-white photo of himself adoringly cuddling his cat with a big grin on his face says: “Always giving Merc and pancakes a similar look.” In another pic, where he’s out on the water with a woman in his arms, he says: “Straight up found a mermaid this weekend and I gotta tell ya… I lake her.” (Groan. That doesn’t even make sense. Everyone knows mermaids live in oceans, dude.)

His caption game may not be strong but one thing’s for sure, he should probably remove posts from past relationships if he hopes to start a new one with Hannah.

Both a cat and dog lover

Why choose one when you can have both? Whether Hannah is down for dogs or cares about cats, she could have a man that goes both ways. Jed W. posts the sweetest photos of himself with his kitty, Merc, and of laying around with two adorable dogs.

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