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Why Eric Should TOTALLY Be the Next Bachelor (Even Though He Probs Won’t Be)

Let's be honest, his facial hair alone is reason enough

Eric Bigger should be the next Bachelor

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So, the one thing we all hoped *wouldn’t* happen, happened. Rachel chose Bryan in The Bachelorette finale and now everyone is trying to figure out who’s next in line for the Bachelor throne. We vote Eric!

We’re all preeetty obsessed with Eric here at FLARE HQ—and not just because he’s been throwing shade at Bryan ever since the finale for being Rachel’s “consolation price” (lolz, so true). He’s been a wonderful surprise all season long, and we never expected to fall this in love with him, but we have.

After watching him grow into a fine-ass gentleman on The Bachelorette, we can’t stop thinking about him and how he should defs be the next Bachelor. We’re not naïve, we know it probs won’t happen—we’re preeeetty sure it’s going to be Peter (which we’re also cool with)—but here’s why we think it should *actually* be Eric.

(Dear Bachelor producers, pls read.)

He’s been a winner from the start

Remember when Chris Harrison hijacked Nick’s After the Final Rose to bring out a few of Rachel’s future suitors? And remember how torturous all their intros were? DeMario came out all pompous and arrogant with plane tickets to Vegas so they could elope, Blake E. forgot his own dumb name, and Dean laid down a v. risky line (which turns out Rachel actually loved) about wanting to go Black and never go back. Eric’s intro was the only one that didn’t make us roll our eyes or want to throw up—he came out all cool and collected, exclaiming that this is a “miracle season!” and instead of telling Rachel why she’ll love him, he asked her how she was feeling. How considerate. He also did his signature dance move on stage, which we all loved (including Rachel). He might not have gotten Rachel’s First Impression Rose, but Eric defs got ours.

The more we get to know him, the more we love him

If we’re being totally honest here, we had a bit of a rocky start with Eric. We had high hopes for him after his bomb ATFR intro, but were quickly disappointed after seeing his whiny, pouty, baby-like attitude in the first few episodes. If we had to hear “MY NAME IS IN YOUR MOUTH” one more damn time we would have freaked right out. BUT with that being said, the more we got to know Eric, the more we really did come to love him. He’s grown significantly since the first few episodes and if he actually was the next Bachelor we’d only fall more and more in love with him every episode.

Eric should be the next Bachelor instead of Peter

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He has a way with words 

Pretty much everything Eric says makes us swoon. Like his so simple, but so lovely, “how’s your heart?” line during Rachel’s After the Final Rose and how he continued to thank Rachel WHILE she was breaking up with him. We can’t even imagine how many times Eric’s words would make our hearts flutter if he was our next Bachelor.

As time goes on, he just gets hotter and hotter

This might actually be the most important point yet. I mean, COME. ON. Look at that face. That bod. That EVERYTHING.

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Also his facial hair alone is reason enough

Remember when Eric didn’t have *any* facial hair at the beginning of the season? That was a horrible time and we hope to never go back there. Every time we see Eric, his facial hair situation improves and every time we see him, we drool a little more.

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We need to see his shirt off more

Eric is sexy as hell and we didn’t get to see enough of that on The Bachelorette. So, if he was the next Bachelor, hopefully he’d go to a few tropical locations and have his shirt off as much as Nick did. A girl can dream.

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He’s super fun to watch

Watching Eric on The Bachelorette has been one of our fave things about this season. He’s so sunny and positive—despite his challenging past—and he has this ability to make any situation into a fun one. His signature sayings like “we out here” and “miracle season” brought a cute, comical brightness to the season and seeing him happy made us happy. There’s no doubt he would be an entertaining lead that would leave us with stupid smiles on our faces every episode.

Eric should be the next Bachelor because he's fun to watch

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He has the perfect underdog backstory for The Bachelor

Based on what he shared on The Bachelorette, Eric seems to have been neglected as a kid and, as a result, closed his heart off to love—until he tried to find it with Rachel Lindsay. He opened his heart to Rachel more than he ever thought possible and now, after being heartbroken by the only girl he’s ever loved, Eric is ready to find his forever.

I mean, that could basically be the narrator’s intro for his season, no?

Eric should be the next Bachelor

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He’s actually ready for a commitment

Unlike Peter (who remains our eternal love), Eric was *actually* ready to propose to Rachel. Meaning he’s probs a more appropriate choice for The Bachelor—the show about finding love and ultimately proposing—over Peter, who seemingly can’t even commit to what he wants for breakfast.

It’s what the fans want

And you *know* how vocal we can be Bachelor Nation fans can be when they’re disappointed.

And of course, there’s the obvious—he’d be the first Black Bachelor 

The Bachelor franchise made huge steps forward when they cast Rachel as the first Black Bachelorette, and it would just feel like a major step backward if they made Peter—a basic white guy, who we’ve seen as the Bachelor 21 times before—the next lead.

All the reasons why Eric should be the next Bachelor

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