The Bachelor: We Creeped Elyse Dehlbom's Insta So You Don't Have To

For starters, our very own Sharleen Joynt is a fan

Elyse The Bachelor: A portrait of Bachelor season 23 contestant Elyse Delbom in an olive shirtdress

(Photo: Courtesy City)

For all that they’re interminably long, the earliest Bachelor episodes never quite leave you feeling like you know very much about any of the women, bar a gimmick or two. (Sloth girl likes sloths, etc.) For *true* knowledge of the contestants, inquiring minds are forced to turn to—where else—Instagram.

This week, we took a deep dive into the social media presence of one @elysemichelle_mua, a.k.a. Elyse Dehlbom, the lone redhead on Colton’s season, a.k.a. the one who took him “fishing” (not a euphemism) for domesticated koi in a pond at the Bachelor Mansion. (Oh, and she’s also the contestant our resident Bachelor columnist, Sharleen Joynt, is rooting for.)

Here’s what we learned (other than the fact that every time we check back at her profile, her follower count seems to slowly tick up because #BachelorBump).

She serves lewks

Elyse, as the contestant ticker may have already alerted you, is a professional makeup artist. It should come as no surprise then that a large percentage of her posts are either, a) of her wearing makeup, or, b) other people wearing makeup that she’s done on them. It’s your straightforward “Instagram” makeup: blocky brows, Kardashian kontour, not-even-remotely-subtle falsies, overlined nude lips. If that’s your vibe, she’s a great follow.


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She’s an aspiring #BBblogger

There are several signs that point to the fact that our Elyse has influencer ambitions. Her liberal use of the above hashtag, for starters, combined with the fact that she’s clearly invested in her ’gram photography. A lot of her posts have a semi-professional vibe—like maybe she has a cousin with a DSLR—which speaks less to a casual user snapping mirror selfies their iPhone, and more to someone who wants to turn their IG into a money-generating machine. The fact that she’s on The Bachelor is, you know, also telling.

She’s never met an Insta cliche she didn’t like

Latte art, view through a plane window, all the various iterations of the “coffee with” sub-genre (coffee with laptop, coffee with fuzzy socks etc): Elyse hasn’t met a ’gram trope she didn’t like. And in fairness, who among us hasn’t posted a grainy retro pic of our dad for Father’s Day? There’s a period in 2016-2017 where she goes heavy on the inspirational quote cards, including heavy hitters like the Dalai Lama, Johnny Cash and even a few Elyse originals.


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She finds the profound in unexpected places

Elyse has a quote in her Instagram bio (a telling act in and of itself). It’s actually not one we’ve heard before, and one we think we should just leave here for you meditate on. “Be like the pineapple. Stand tall. Wear a crown. Be sweet on the inside.”

She’s basic and proud of it

Self awareness is always to be applauded, and Elyse has it, at least when it comes to who she really is at her core, which is Basic. She has a Chanel tattoo. She loves a pic in a pool with an inflatable bird. She wears floppy-brimmed hats. She snuggles in blankets with cups of tea. Best of call,  her extreme basic-ness is something she claims with pride. As she notes in an Instagram caption (naturally about pumpkins): “Fall vibes got me falling all kinds of basic…I make no apologies.” Nor should you, Elyse. Nor should you.


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