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You Need to Watch These Bachelor Nation Bros Recreate Arie and Becca's Dramatic Breakup

Who knew these two were comedians?

Nick Viall and Dean Unglert posing

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While there’s nothing funny about Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s cold-as-ice breakup with one-time fiancée Becca Kufrin, two members of Bachelor Nation recently made light of the terrible situation.

Former (?) f-ck boy Dean Unglert and always-looking-for-love Nick Viall reenacted Arie’s cringe-worthy season finale in a video posted to Facebook—and it’s actually HILARIOUS. (In case you’ve blocked the traumatic incident out of your brain, Arie opted to break off his engagement with Becca while the Bachelor cameras were rolling, telling her that he just couldn’t stop thinking about runner-up Lauren Burnham.) Wearing a short grey wig, Dean (as Arie, duh) tells a blindsided “Becca” (Nick in a long brown wig) that it’s Lauren he’s in love with—not her.

“Hey Becca how are you?” Dean/Arie asks. “I love Lauren,” he blurts out before Becca/Nick has a chance to reply. As “Becca” begins to show distress, “Arie” continues to repeat that it’s not her that he wants to be with, but Lauren. “I don’t think you seem to understand that Lauren is always on my mind. I can’t stop thinking about her,” he says. “I don’t think you understand it’s Lauren—it’s not you.”

The video, which now has over 5 million views, makes fun of Arie’s insensitivity throughout the entire situation and his inability to read a freakin’ room—which is hella true if you watched the painful two-part Bachelor Season 22 finale like we did. After “Becca” asks “Arie” to leave—much like she did in the real breakup scene—he continues to hang around, eating chips and crackers, repeating that he loves Lauren. Who knew the most dramatic Bachelor finale ever could be turned into a hilarious spoof?

While Dean may not be the best person to throw shade at a dude for two-timing given the fact he played multiple women on Bachelor in Paradise season 4, the vid shows a side of the guy that we haven’t really seen before, and we kinda like? Maybe it’s just because we hate Arie so much that anyone making fun of him is enjoyable. As for Nick: even though we have a complicated relationship with the former Bachelor, we’ll def say this video was WAY more entertaining than his stint on Dancing with the Stars.

Thanks for the larfs, you two.

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