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Bachelor Nation's Danielle M. & Wells Are Defs Dating & We Are So Here For It


Danielle and Wells are probably dating

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We can probably all agree that this season of Bachelor in Paradise has been less than stellar, right? The drama is lame, the guys suck and the couples are straight-up BORING. But under all that rubbish; there was one couple that actually managed to rise above and give us actual, real life-feels and we’ve been ’shipping them ever since their first (but defs not last) kiss in Paradise.

The couple we’re talking about, if you *haven’t* already guessed, is Danielle M. and Wells. To recap: Danielle and Wells have been friends for years—they both live in Nashville and run in the same circles—and it was confirmed on episode 2 of this season that they actually went on a date once a few years back. It obviously didn’t go anywhere but the two remained close and grew even closer when they both entered the wonderful world of Bachelor Nation.

Fast forward to Bachelor in Paradise: Danielle wasn’t connecting with any of the guys there (maybe because they’re the worst?) and ended up spending most of her time chatting with Wells—the trusty Paradise bartender—and in turn developed a v. adorbs crush on her long-time friend. They even made pact to get married in five years if they’re both still single. So if you’re reading this: do not—we repeat—DO NOT date Danielle or Wells in the next five years. K thnx.

Danielle ended up leaving Paradise to help children in Africa (because she’s like actually a good human being and not just a Insta fame chaser) and Wells gave her the HOTTEST goodbye kiss in the history of the show and TBH it made us a little weak in the knees.

(Source: Giphy)

(Source: Giphy)

Ever since then we’ve been stalking them obsessively trying to figure out if they’ve continued this beautiful love story and for all you DanWells ’shippers—yes, we did give them a couple name already—get ready to swoon because we have reason to believe these two good looking people are totes in a relationship.

Here, our Instagram timeline (or Insta-vestigation, if you will) of DanWells.

February, 13 2017: Wells posts the first ever DanWells photo to exist on Instagram

Bonding over being sent home on a Bachelor/ette 1-on-1 is how all the epic love stories start, right?

March 11, 2017: Danielle M. feeds Wells some cake

Is this them practicing for their ‘feed your spouse cake’ wedding photo? We sure hope so.

April 12, 2017: They rock the red carpet together

These adorbs Boomerangs prove they can be silly together; an important aspect of any relationship. Also, the fact that they *both* posted a fun Instagram from this night basically means true love.

May 12, 2017: Wells basically writes Danielle an Insta love letter

You don’t post an #internationalnursesday Instagram for just anyone…

July 28, 2017: They post ANOTHER Boomerang together

Ugh. Literally just can’t even handle the cuteness that is DanWells.

Hangrrrrrrrrry @wellsadams #feedme #getinmybelly @nashvillesounds Thank you for an awesome night

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July 30, 2017: They go on a waterfall adventure together

Granted they went with a group of people, but we like to imagine they were coupled off the entire time.

August 16, 2017: They head back to Paradise together

Where they will have the most swoon worthy kiss of the season *insert all the heart eye emojis.*

So, ummmm…you guys wanna go back to Paradise, or nah?#bachelorinparadise @bachelorinparadise

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August 22, 2017: Wells goes to Danielle’s charity event

Because that’s what supportive boyfriends do! Also, he posted the Instagram almost two weeks after the event which means he was obviously still thinking about it for some reason—maybe they had another passionate makeout sesh?

If you haven’t used Taylor’s hair to create some sort of emo hipster poet look, are you really even alive?

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August 22, 2017: Carly posts a MAJOR hint about their hopeful ’ship

On the night of Danielle M.’s charity event Carly posted an Instagram of herself, Evan, Derek, Wells and Danielle with the caption, “We love love!!! Here’s hoping it works out for everyone like it did for us!!” In other words, THEY. ARE. FREAKING. DATING.

September 1, 2017: Wells crashes Girls’ Night Out

Omg how cute he can’t even spend a night away from her! Let’s break this one down, shall we?

A) Wells clearly only has eyes for Danielle.
B) They are totally couple twinning.
C) Notice how Danielle’s caption has a heart to match everyone’s outfit? Red for Natalie Shabtai (a Bachelor producer), yellow for Christen, and green for Kristina. She could have used the black heart to match Wells’s black on black ensemble but instead she put a heart-eye emoji. This can only mean one thing: SHE LOVES HIM.


These guys

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