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Bachelor Vill Corinne Olympios Has a Book & Radio Show in the Works!

We caught up with our favourite platinum vagine-d Bachelor vill, Corinne Olympios, for all the deets on her Team Corn clothing line—and everything else she has cooking up

Corinne Olympios Interview: Corinne photographed in her Team Corn women's tee


She went from the girl we loved to hate, to the girl we hated to love, to the girl we just straight up loved and now Corinne Olympios, The Bachelor’s most popular vill ever, is influencing our lives in a new way: fashion! The former contestant (and originator of the phrase “platinum vagine”) just launched a brand new Team Corn fashion line inspired by her most hilarious one-liners from the show and, as you can guess, we’re pretty obsessed. FLARE caught up with the Miami-based champagne-and-cheese pasta lover for a quickie interview to get all the deets about her Team Corn merch and a look at what else she has cooking up. And guys, if you thought the clothing line is, as Corinne would say, “fire” there’s a book AND a radio show on the way! Until then, read on for our full interview with the Queen of Corn.

First off, congratulations on all the buzz your fashion capsule has been getting. Was having your own line something you ever thought about doing before going on The Bachelor?

Always. I was super creative growing up and I would design my own stuff, so this came super natural to me and I’m just really happy I was actually able to do it.

So obviously everyone thinks you and your one-liners are hilarious. But how did you even come up with them? Like, was “platinum vagine” something you had ever said before or did you actually just think of all these things for the first time while on the show?

Honestly, that’s just how I am. Ridiculous things just always come to me; I can’t explain it [laughs].

Is the Platinum Vagine tank your best seller? [Other Corinne-isms featured include “Cheese Pasta & Chill,” “Make America Corinne Again,” and an Abraham Lincoln-emblazoned tee with the phrase “Original Napper.”]

By far! We sold out in the first hour.

Are there any other Corinne-isms that you’re planning on rolling out? Maybe something to do with champagne?

There’s going to be some stuff about my [multi-million dollar] company. There definitely is going to be a champagne shirt and there’s going to be one more but I can’t remember. But it’s going to be good, I promise!

We noticed that Jasmine, who was also on Nick’s season, was one of the models for the Team Corn line. Are you friends with any of your other Bachelor roomies?

Yeah, I’m friends with everybody really. You know being in that situation you just tend to become really good friends with the girls. The only one that I’m not really friends with is Taylor for obvious reasons [laughs].

Corinne Olympios Interview: Corinne models with former Bachelor roomie Jasmine G


What would you say Bachelor Nation’s reaction to the line has been? Have they been showing you support/has anyone purchased anything yet?

Oh yeah, super supportive. All good vibes, it’s just amazing.

You’re also working on an upcoming bikini line and some makeup collabs—can you talk a little bit about these projects?

My bikini line, all I can really say about that right now is that it’s going to be really fire. And this makeup thing that I have going, I don’t want to talk to much about that yet because I’m still in the creative process for that as well. Just know that good things are coming.

Anything else in the works?

There is going to be a book and a radio show, so that will be super fun.

So with all of this on the go, are you still working for your parent’s multi-million dollar company?

I’ll always be in and out of it and helping them whenever they need. But right now I’m working a lot on my own branding.

Let’s talk about Nick for a sec: did you actually see yourself with him? Your chemistry seemed off the hook.

Yeah at a point I totally did. But I’m over that now and I’m just so happy for him.

What’s the biggest misconception that people have about you as a result of The Bachelor? Or do you just own it all?

I mean, I am who I am and what you see is what you get. Obviously there was a lot that wasn’t shown but for the most part that’s me.

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