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Quick Q: How Are Bachelor Alum Even Dating RN?

Folks, physical distancing is a BIG thing

Leave it to members of Bachelor Nation to not let a little thing like a global pandemic stop them from finding true love. While many around the world have been subscribing to physical distancing—remaining isolated in their homes and away from people to curb the spread of COVID-19—it appears that former contestants of The Bachelor and Bachelorette franchise are unwilling to physically distance their hearts. Because, the heart wants what it wants, y’all—even if what it wants isn’t exactly condoned by NYC health officials.

In a March 22 Instagram Live, season 15 Bachelorette contestants Mike Johnson and Connor Saeli answered questions from fans, including Qs about who in Bach Nation they’d be interested in dating. Mike, for his part, is interested in season 24 Bachelor contestant Kelley Flanagan; but the real tea came when Mike specifically asked Connor about contestant Madison Prewett, straight up saying: “What’s up with you and Madison though?”

ICYMI, Madi was the “winner” (if you can even call her that?) of the most recent season of The Bachelor; in that after self-eliminating herself from the Final 2, she reunited with Bachelor Pilot Pete in the finale in an über awkward showdown between him and his mom. The couple ultimately announced that they wouldn’t be pursuing their relationship two days after the finale aired (no shocker there), and Madi had a games night with Selena Gomez. So I’d say she came out on top.

In response to Mike’s question, Connor answered super cagily; offering up a wide grin and saying: “I don’t know we’ll see,” and telling his friend that he couldn’t give up anymore. The reaction led many in Bach Nation to surmise that Connor and Madi are, if not already definitely a thing, then 100% up in each other’s DMs. Which is surprising: Considering that the live After the Final Rose finale aired on March 10, just a day before the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic…when did Connor and Madi even have time to start dating?

I have some theories about how, amidst a global pandemic that’s urging physical distancing and isolation, people in Bach Nation are even dating right now.

Zoom—because everyone is using it

It’s not *just* for your work calls! If there’s been one champion to emerge out of this pandemic better than ever, it’s been Zoom, the video app that is currently facilitating a majority of work and social calls across the world. The app, which honestly I had never heard of until the spread of COVID-19, even has a beauty filter to ensure you look your best for your boss or your new boo.

Maybe Madi and Connor are *really* getting with the times and holding some super sweet date nights via the app. Not only are they able to stare into each other’s eyes for hours on end, but can do it from the comfort of their own homes, decked out in their chicest date night sweatsuits—now *that* is how I want to date.

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They’re communicating via TikTok dances

Listen, we all already know that Madi is a TikTok fiend (and, TBH, her basketball videos are *very* impressive). So it’s not that much of a stretch to think that she’s using TikTok to make a connection with her potential new beau. If Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown’s recent quarantine escapades have taught us anything (the former, maybe current couple are quarantining and uploading TikTok videos together), it’s that the dance app really can bring people together, especially in times of uncertainty.

So who’s to say that Connor didn’t take Madi’s cute, snowsuit clad dance vids as an indicator that she was single and ready to mingle; and Madi—seeing Connor’s funny vid of himself being broken up with on Bachelor in Paradise—felt like he’d be a funny guy to hit up.

Their love probably blossomed from there, strengthened every time they learn a new trendy dance together. And honestly, “Renegade” is essentially a mating dance at this point.

Chris Harrison and Lauren Zima are setting up Insta Live dates

Once a matchmaker, always a matchmaker. During this time of physical distancing, Bachelor franchise host Chris Harrison has taken it upon himself to ensure that Bach Nation fans are left sated with enough content and information about what’s happening with the upcoming season of the show. Quarantining with his GF, Entertainment Tonight reporter Lauren Zima, Chris has been hosting Insta Lives with leads and contestants from the show, including upcoming Bachelorette Clare Crawley. In this time of need, would we really put it past the host to use the extra time he has on his hands for facilitating some digital romance? We already know from the end of Peter’s season that Chris has absolutely no problem overstepping boundaries, after he went behind Peter’s back to reach out to, visit and tell Madi that Peter was still in love with her.

How easy is it to picture Chris and Lauren, cozied up in their LA home with a bottle of Spade and Sparrow wine, just a teensy bit wine drunk, dialing in both Madi and Connor to facilitate an “accidental” meet-cute via Insta Live??

They’re texting

This seems like the most plausible answer. If we’re being honest, Connor probably saw Madi on Peter’s season, bristled along with much of Bach Nation while she was bashed by Peter’s mom Barb, asked a friend for Madi’s digits and sent a quick text as she was walking off stage from the After the Final Rose taping. After the shit show that was that segment, a “Hey are your eyelashes spider’s legs? Because they’ve got me entrapped,” text wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe it was love at first SMS.

Even better than texting? Sending those cute little talking animal emojis. Calling it now: Connor’s animal of choice is definitely a monkey and Madi’s is a deer.

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And how, pray tell, do we think they’re keeping their new relationship alive despite the distance? The long lost art of sexting, duh.

Or…they’re breaking quarantine

TBH, I hope this is not how they’re getting to know each other because, again, if you can…stay inside, please!

Alternatively—like Hannah and Tyler—perhaps the new couple have made the decision to really thrust themselves into their new relationship by quarantining together. Nothing tests whether you and another person may be compatible like being cooped up with them for months on end. Perhaps the Dallas, Texas-based Connor is currently with the Prewett fam on their beach vacay/quarantine, making TikToks and shooting hoops in the pool.

There’s no way he can be worse than Peter…

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Either way, good luck to you kids! And also, please send me some remote dating tips?