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Another Bachelor Wedding?! Everything We Know About Clare and Benoit's Engagement

Hold up, did Benoit just say he made the decision to propose A DAY AGO?!

Clare and Benoit on a couch during The Bachelor Winter Games

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Even though Clare Crawley didn’t find love on Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor, or on her two stints of Bachelor in Paradise, the 36-year-old shocked the world when she got engaged to The Bachelor Winter Games contestant Benoit Beauséjour-Savard on live TV last night.

ICYMI, 31-year-old Benoit (who attempted to win the heart of Jasmine Lorimer on The Bachelorette Canada), dropped to one knee and declared his love to Clare during The Bachelor Winter Games: World Tells All special. Visibly overcome with emotion, Clare said yes. But if you watched all four dramatic episodes of Winter Games, you’ll recall that Benoit went home after Clare rejected him, and she later pursued Christian from Germany (but that ended in sobs, too). So how the heck did Clare and Benoit go from a tearful breakup to an engaged couple? Here, everything we know about Clare and Benoit’s engagement.

The couple have been dating for two minutes months

If you’re wondering how the pair reconnected after their emotional split on Winter Games, apparently Benoit reached out to Clare after filming wrapped a few months back. “We kind of knew there was something more after the show,” Benoit told E! News. The French Canadian was excited when he learned Clare did not end up with her other Winter Games love interest, Christian, and their relationship took off. “We talked and talked for hours and it’s just been better and better from there,” he said. Clare said she too felt lingering feelings for Benoit after he went home. “I even told him before he left [the show], For some reason I feel like it’s not the end of this. I don’t know why I said it, but I felt it,” she said to E! News. Even though they were over-the-moon in love, the couple kept their relationship private until after the show’s finale. “I like to keep personal stuff personal, and this was important to me and something that I definitely valued,” Clare said.

Benoit decided to propose legit yesterday

While talking to E! News, Benoit revealed that the decision to pop the question on live TV “was kind of a last-minute decision.” “The decision was made maybe one or two days ago,” he said. And since you know, engagements usually require an engagement ring, Benoit called up jeweller to the reality stars, Neil Lane. “I had something in mind, and Neil Lane didn’t have that one, so he had to make a custom one on the spot,” the 31-year-old said. Thank god Neil works overtime!

Clare had no idea about the engagement 

While she eagerly said yes, Clare said she had no clue that Benoit was going to get down on one knee. “I did not expect this!” she told Extra TV after the televised engagement. “That’s honestly not anything that was on my radar.” When asked if she thought it was too soon for marriage—which is a legit Q given the fact the couple have know each other for a hot minute—Clare clapped back. “I question the people who question it, because they aren’t in my shoes or my position,” she said.


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Clare likes Benoit because “he doesn’t give up on me”

She’s had her fair share of TV heartbreak, but Clare knows what she is looking for in a partner now. “The end all be all, is [that] he doesn’t give up on me,” she said of her fiancé to E! News. “Though all the difficulties and the tears, and the challenges of going through the show and watching the show, and that’s the main thing I look for in a man: someone who doesn’t give up.” I wonder if the word “Jacuzzi” will be forbidden in their relationship…

The couple may have a Bachelor wedding

Despite being engaged for mere hours, Clare and Benoit are already thinking about what their wedding will look like. “If it’s a Bachelor wedding, it can’t help but to be big,” Clare told Extra TV. When E! News asked the happy couple the same question after the Tell All special, Clare revealed she has her eyes on some musical guests. “I couldn’t even imagine what a Bachelor wedding looks like for us…who could we get to sing at our wedding? Seal?!” The bride-to-be then suggested getting Bruno Mars to perform at their ceremony. (Talk about shooting for the stars.)

Best of luck, Clare and Benoit!

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