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10 Times Chris Harrison Was the Best Damn Part of The Bachelor

Happy Birthday Chris, this one’s for you

Chris Harrison birthday: The TV host turns 46 today

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Chris Harrison—a.k.a God of The Bachelor franchise—turns 46 today and not only has the dude aged like a fine wine (srsly Chris Harrison, what’s your secret?), he’s been working tirelessly for the past 15 years to be the best damn host he can be for The Bachelor, The Bachelorette AND Bachelor in Paradise. Basically, he’s the reigning king of reality television and after everything he’s done for us over the years (most recently bringing Peter Kraus into our lives, bless) how could we *not* wish him the happiest of birthdays? So, in honour of the man who brings us “the most dramatic season yet” at least twice a year, let us all raise our mimosas to cheers Chris Harrison as we celebrate the many, many times we loved him:

When he was Rachel’s real-life Fairy Godfather 

Straight-up, Chris Harrison runs this shit. We know it, the Bachelor/ette knows it, the contestants know it and you can bet your bottom dollar he knows it too. During an emotional cocktail party this season, Chris walked up to Rachel—who had just finished crying in an ITM—and just flat out said, “Tell me what you want, I can facilitate anything.” OK Chris Harrison. If that’s not a living example of a #boss, I don’t even know what is.

Chris Harrison birthday: The Bachelor host runs the show

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His response to the Chad situation on Bachelor in Paradise

Everyone remembers Chad’s insane, angry, aggressive, INTENSE exit on Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise. But the best thing about the cold-cut lover’s hissy fit was Chris Harrison’s cool, calm and collected response. While a shirtless, vein-popping, filled-with-rage Chad Bear shouted things like “f-ck you, Chris Harrison” and “you went to sleep last night with a mimosa and a robe on” (LOL) Chris just stood there, unphased, shaking his head like a disappointed dad.

Chris Harrison birthday: The Bachelor in Paradise host kicking Chad out

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 When he wasn’t too proud for a little self-promotion

Remember when Chris Harrison wrote The Perfect Letter: A Novel (didn’t not read it…) and then promoted it in the opening credits of Bachelor in Paradise Season 2? Chris Harrison, you are pure #goals.

Chris Harrison birthday: The Bachelor in Paradise host's season 2 intro

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And speaking of BIP opening credits…of course we would *never* forget about his champagne intro ft. Jorge the Bartender

Can’t wait to see what genius opening credit he comes up with this season!

Chris Harrison birthday: The Bachelor in Paradise host's season 3 intro

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Then there was the time he took a freaking boomerang with Jorge 

Ugh. We’re not jealous, *you’re* jealous.

It ain’t Paradise until Jorge says so… #AlmostParadise

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When he made friends with a horse

Maybe the producers told him to do it because it would make for “good TV,” or maybe he figured he could get a more interesting conversation from an equine than Ben Higgins, or MAYBE he was still feeling the effects from his off-season mimosa-and-robe bender and thought the horse was Ben. Whatever the reason, Chris Harrison telling a horse “you’re the only person that understands me” was hilariously cheesy in all the right ways and we loved every second of it.

Chris Harrison birthday: The Bachelor host making friends with a horse

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When he literally just ran out of cares to give

The best Chris Harrison moment so far from Rachel’s season was when he decided to just check out for the day during the DeMario v. Lexi basketball date. After everything went down and after telling DeMario to GTFO, Rachel was super pissed and her sass level was (reasonably) at an all-time high. Normally Chris Harrison would talk to the upset lead and try to mediate the situation, but when he saw Rachel in her pissed-off state, he just stood there frozen and was like, “Naah, I’m just gonna leave it” and let her walk away.

Chris Harrison birthday: The Bachelorette host gave up on Rachel's basketball date

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When he literally just ran out of cares to give, part 2

Remember when the show had an actual format, with actual guidelines, that actually made sense? Over the past few seasons the leads have taken the Bachelor Handbook and thrown it right out the window, doing basically whatever they please (*cough cough Nick Viall*). And rather than trying to somewhat keep things on track, he has kind of taken on the “whatever happens, happens” motto and just lets them do whatever. No. Cares. Given. And whenever he’s asked about the structure of The Bachelor/ette in 2017, he’s just like:

Chris Harrison birthday: The TV host laughing in an interview

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When he was so sassy during Emily Maynard’s Men Tell All special

Remember when Chris Harrison introduced us to his sassy side when he asked Ryan—the dude who called Emily Maynard a “trophy wife”—if there was a possibility he was an arrogant ass? And then remember when he later shut down the idea of him becoming the next Bachelor (hah!) by telling everyone, “I want to speak for ABC, and put everybody’s mind at ease, it’s not going to happen”? We do, and it was a beautiful moment.

Chris Harrison birthday: The Bachelor host during After the Final Rose

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Whenever he jokes about washing down the Bachelor Mansion driveway on Night One

Chris Harrison is a dad, therefore he’s allotted a few cheesy dad jokes every now and then. The wet Bachelor Mansion driveway joke is one of them. And it gets us every time.

Y’all ready for this? #TheBachelorette starts tonight! @therachlindsay

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