The Bachelor: We Creeped Cassie Randolph’s Instagram So You Don't Have To

Based on our extensive Instagram creep, Cassie truly seems like she has nothing to hide

A photo of Bachelor season 23 contestant Cassie

Cassie Randolph (Photo: Courtesy City)

At this point in the game (we mean, “search for a long-term commitment” ) we need some serious convincing that Cassie *isn’t* Colton Underwood’s one true love. Although we’re open to some kind of ~dramatic~ twist somewhere around Hometowns (It’s been Cassie’s evil twin on the show all along! She’s physically repulsed by abs! She had NO idea Colton was a virgin and it’s her only dealbreaker), we’re fairly confident we know how this one ends, just based on how incredibly obvious Colton is being about his preference for this 23-year-old speech pathologist from California.

In the spirit of thinking ahead to when they inevitably break up and Cassie gets her own spin as The Bachelorette (we’re nothing if not realists), here’s everything we could glean about season 23’s current frontrunner…based on a very-not-scientific analysis of her Instagram account.

This isn’t her first reality-TV rodeo

This one’s been in the news the last few days but it’s also the subject of a lengthy post on Cassie’s own Instagram. Back in 2015, Cassie and her then-boyfriend Caelen were on an online “docuseries” (a.k.a. low-budget reality TV) called Young Once. (Yes, it’s on YouTube. No, we can’t bring ourselves to watch it). When it resurrected itself for a second season back in 2018, Cassie and Caelen were back (albeit, on an on-again, off-again basis). In an interesting coincidence, episodes of that season are being released every Monday night, mirroring The Bachelor’s own schedule. On her Instagram, however, Cassie is at pains to assure her nearly 500K followers that “the timing of everything was completely by chance” and she is now “back to real life…and trying to remain grounded as I balance this new scrutiny on my life.”


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I’m getting a lot of questions about my ex and a docuseries we filmed before Bachelor. While I don’t feel it is necessary that I share all the details, a lot of people are curious and the worst thing is false rumors. I didn’t want to address this without his permission, but he posted about it today so I think it’s good if I do too. Caelan and I dated all through college and in 2015 we filmed Young Once. A while after our breakup we put our past behind us and became friends again. We share a lot of mutual friends and he is close to my family. We both dated other people and had moved on. While we were never officially a couple again, there was a time last spring that we considered getting back together, but that didn’t work out. I was open to staying friends, but he understandably thought this was too hard. Just because we didn’t work out doesn’t mean we now hate each other and don’t care about the other. It just wasn’t right for us. Since I was the one saying we couldn’t be together, this was extra hard for him. Relationships are complicated and navigating isn’t usually straight forward. We were on and off for so long that turning it off for good was a difficult decision as I truly didn’t want to regret giving up if we were meant to be. But certain things were unhealthy and it became clear we were supposed to move on. Over the summer, unexpectedly and out of the blue, we were contacted by YO and learned they were considering a S2- a follow up on some of the original cast. This again put Caelan and I directly back in each other’s lives as our social circle overlaps. One of the storylines highlighted is our drawn out/complex relationship and the challenges of us staying friends post breakup and whether it is possible or not. We filmed for several weeks prior to Caelan heading to Asia to play pro basketball and before I found out that I was cast for Bachelor. The timing of everything was completely chance. I care very much about Caelan and I want nothing but the best for him and his life. Meanwhile I am back to real life, focusing on grad school, working and trying to remain grounded as I balance this new intense scrutiny of my life.

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Her aesthetic is pure California

If we were playing a game of bingo where every cliche about the Golden State was a tile, Cassie’s Insta would win the jackpot in two scrolls. Surfing? Check. Palm trees? Check. Bonfires on the beach like it’s 2005 and we’re watching The O.C.? Check. Her captions even call out things like L.A.’s terrible traffic for that extra layer of commitment to the theme.

Her account goes deep

We’re not talking content here. That, of course, is the generic pretty-girl-in-a-floppy-hat fare that’s a prerequisite for Bachelor casting, sprinkled with the odd pseudo-profound quote. No, the depth here is in how far back Cassie’s account goes—all the way back to her days as a high school kid in 2012. (Yes, we feel old too.) Given that the most offensive thing about these nearly seven-year-old posts is their excessive use of Hipstamatic, she’s either done an admirable job of scrubbing her account since the wild early days of the platform—or she was just way savvier than your average 16-year-old.


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She stands by her history

Remember Caelen? Cassie has not done the usual post-breakup Instagram purge with this now-ex, choosing to leave their couple pics (and all the mushy captions that go with them) on her Instagram. Whether that’s right or wrong, of course, is an age-old debate far beyond your humble Insta Deep Diver’s purview.

She has cats

It’s important to us that details from a contestant’s ABC bio are represented in their real-life Instagram presence (ahem, Hannah G), and so we’re happy to report that the two cats Cassie claims to have are in fact semi-regular presences on her account. Oliver is by far the cuter. (Sorry, Goose!)


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She is a woman of simple pleasures

Based purely on a frequency-of-appearance basis, Cassie’s main interests are a) posing in a bikini against a wall; b) posing in a bikini lying down in the sand; c) posing in a bikini sitting up in the sand; d) posing in a biking leaning on a palm tree. In other words, you can literally see why she and Colton are such a perfect match.

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