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The Biggest Bachelor Rumours of 2020

Including whether or not they're secretly filming 'Bachelor in Paradise'

Another day, another Bachelor rumour…or five. Since season 16 of The Bachelorette was set to begin filming in March (before being temporarily postponed due to COVID-19), there hasn’t been a dull moment in the franchise. From cast switch-ups (season 16 Bachelorette Clare Crawley had her season re-cast with older men *and* had suitor Matt James named as the next Bachelor), to reports that Clare found love mere weeks into filming and dropped out, to rumours that the franchise is secretly filming Bachelor in Paradise—there’s a whole lot going on. Here, we break down all the biggest Bachelor rumours of 2020. Buckle up, this is bound to be a bumpy ride.

Rumour: Tayshia Adams is the new Bachelorette

One of the newest and biggest rumours to come out of Bachelor nation since the start of 2020 is that season 16 Bachelorette Clare dropped out of the show early on, with Bach nation fan fave Tayshia Adams taking her place mid-season. Rumours of this switcheroo first started swirling at the end of July, and on August 3, ET confirmed the news in an Instagram post by Lauren Zima (who also happens to be Bachelor host Chris Harrison’s girlfriend, so she’s definitely in-the-know). The news was also confirmed by Bachelor insider, Reality Steve (a.k.a. Steve Carbone).

In a July 31 Instagram live with Reality Steve, Bach alum Demi Burnett revealed some insider info hinting that Tayshia is definitely offline, telling Steve that when she texted Tayshia to confirm the news that she’s the new Bachelorette, texts went through, but showed up green. (ICYMI, on iPhones, iMessages go through as blue. If a phone is turned off or off iMessage, they show up green.) Which is all to say it seems pretty likely Tayshia doesn’t have access to her phone, a stipulation for anyone participating in on the show.

It doesn’t help that just hours before news started swirling about her new role, Tayshia posted a pretty cryptic message to Instagram. (FYI, the message was liked *and* commented on by Bachelor producer Julie LaPlaca…hmmm.)

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And on August 5, the California resident (or a trusted family member or friend, as many speculated) posted a sponsored ad for Smirnoff Vodka, that kicked off with the caption: “You never know what tomorrow will bring!”

OK Tayshia, keep us guessing!

Rumour: Clare Crawley is engaged to Dale Moss

But why exactly *did* Tayshia have to swap in to the season weeks into filming? Rumour has it that the season’s OG lead met, fell in love with and is now engaged to one of her suitors, professional football player Dale Moss! Per several reports, after the filming of Clare’s season was delayed in March, Moss reached out to Clare, leading to the two corresponding throughout quarantine. “One of her potential guys found a way to get in touch with her and they began talking,” the source told People. “By the time filming officially began, they were basically already in love. No one else stood a chance. It just became so obvious from her subsequent few dates that her heart wasn’t in it and she just wasn’t feeling it. Then she said she wanted out.” It’s important to note that this has been disputed by former Bachelor contestant (and Clare’s friend) Michelle Money, who said in an August 5 Instagram story: “Clare Crawley never talked to Dale before filming, that is 1000% factual information.”

According to Life & Style, Dale and Clare are already engaged. Which is fast, but also, this *is* The Bachelor.

Rumour: …And also pregnant

This one is pretty far fetched, but we have to explore it. In the same Instagram story video, in which Michelle said she was impressed with Clare if she did in fact decide to end her time on the show early after falling in love, the Bach alum ended the video by stating that she hopes Clare is pregnant already; and Michelle, do you know something we don’t!?!

While it’s pretty unlikely that she’d already be pregnant if Clare and Dale did in fact *just* get together, wouldn’t that be the greatest twist in Bachelor history?? We could really use a fantasy suite baby.

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Rumour: The franchise is secretly filming a new Bachelor show

With all the hubbub around this season of The Bachelorette, it seems bonkers that the franchise would even be *thinking* about filming *another* spin-off or season of one of their hit shows. But honestly, if anyone works harder than Kris Jenner, it’s the Bachelor producers. In late July, Bach nation fans began speculating that the franchise might be filming a new season of Bachelor in Paradise after Hannah Ann Sluss and Mike Johnson were photographed together in bathing suits and sporting the same ugly ass necklace that looks suspiciously like the Paradise mics.

Then, just hours after Tayshia was pretty much confirmed as the new Bachelorette, both former Bachelorette Becca Kufrin and Bachelor alum Hannah Ann were seen onsite in La Quinta, California at the resort where the show is filming. And Hannah Ann was carrying a MASSIVE suitcase. So ladies, what’s up?

With rumours also circling that Becca (who got engaged to fiancé Garrett Yrigoyen on her season of the show) broke up with her boo after he posted in support of Blue Lives Matter, it kind of seems like the show is stockpiling former and potential Bachelorettes. Could they be “back-ups” in case Tayshia pulls a Clare 2.0 *or* tests positive for COVID? Or are they gearing up to go on a particularly beach-related dating show?

These tidbits coupled with the fact that, on August 6, photos emerged showing former contestant and Bachelor in Paradise bartender Wells Adams at the *same* resort bartending and chatting with host Chris Harrison, and all signs seem to point to Bachelor in Paradise filming.

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I mean, it’s all there: Swimsuits! Hot bods! Alcohol! Ugly microphone necklaces! People desperate for love!

But, despite *all* of these hints, Reality Steve has nipped this theory in the bud, tweeting on August 6: “Can’t make this any clearer—BIP is not happening at filming. Tayshia is the ‘Bachelorette.’ All the other appearances by alumni are cameos being done bc of the weirdness of the season. Not a normal season, so they are doing non-normal things. It’s as simple as that.”

Or is it? We honestly wouldn’t put it past the producers to use this opportunity to really throw things into disarray and have three Bachelorettes all looking for love at the same time. Time will tell.