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"No Makeup, No Filter from Two Girls with Acne Issues:" Bachelor Nation Faves Go Barefaced on IG

Yes to two of our Bachelor Nation faves!

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First of all, how much do we love Bekah Martinez (a.k.a. Bekah M)? From exposing Arie for slithering into her DMs—and those of several other ladies, apparently—whilst trying to win back his second choice of fiancé, Lauren B, to talking about why her mom thought she was missing (LOL, just peep this Instagram post), the infamously young 22-year-old Bachelor contestant was the breath of fresh air that Bachelor Nation desperately needed this season. It’s only fitting that she’s now hanging with one of my personal fave Bach alums, Ashley Iaconetti. Yep, I’m talking about Ashley I, whose signature mind-boggling laugh-cry has delighted and perplexed viewers on The Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise (twice) and Bachelor Winter Games and whom I just want to be happily in love with a man who appreciates how awesome she is, dammit. She deserves it. (Still kinda sad about her post-Winter Games breakup with Canuck Kevin Wendt, tbh.)

Well, my two faves recently joined forces on Instagram and guess what? With their powers combined, I’ve managed to fall in love with each of them even more! Peep the no-makeup, filter-free selfie from Bekah M and Ashley I that I’m living for right now:

No makeup, no filter from two girls with acne issues. #realstagram

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“No makeup, no filter from two girls with acne issues,” the caption reads, along with the hashtag #realstagram which is beloved by another famously unfiltered member of Bachelor Nation we adore, Kaitlyn Bristowe. It’s always refreshing and powerful to see anyone in our feeds proudly own their “imperfections” because, like, who literally doesn’t have skin issues? And it’s even more inspiring and surprising when it comes from people whose journeys to stardom have relied, at least to some degree, on superficiality (Bach contestants famously have to bring like one million outfits to film the show, after all, and that ain’t about inner beauty).

More of this, please!

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