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The Bachelor: An Exhaustive Guide to Bekah M.’s Countless Hair Transformations

Spoiler: she rocks them all

We came to know know her because of her short hair, the age “controversy” and the just-revealed missing person business—yes, you read that right—but we have come to love 22-year-old Bekah Martinez because she’s wise beyond her years, continuously keeps Arie on his toes and can *really* rock a pixie cut.

And what do we do with fan favourites? We spend three hours stalking them on Instagram, of course. While scrolling through Bekah’s feed, we couldn’t help but notice that her hair has changed a few times over the past few years. Okay, about 14—I repeat fourteen—times… and counting. And she’s managed to look absolutely incredible in every. single. selfie.

Here, an exhaustive look at some of her all-time cutest ’dos.

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