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Here's Everything We Know About Our Newest Bachelorette, Becca Kufrin!

She's in the driver's seat now

Bachelor contestant Becca poses with the show's host, Chris Harrison.

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We all knew her as the woman who had her heart broken by doofus Arie during the long, super dramatic season finale of The Bachelor, but soon we will see Becca Kufrin shine on her own as she jumps into the driver’s seat as the lead on season 14 of The Bachelorette. *Cue excited screams*

If you need a refresher, the last season of The Bachelor was… a mess. Arie’s crappy behaviour got a lot worse when he pulled a Jason Mesnick and broke off his engagement to Becca to pursue runner-up Lauren B. The breakup was roasted online not only for being insensitive (seriously, WTF dude), but also for being televised, with many viewers pointing out that such an intimate moment should not have been aired at all. After the finale, Becca left Bachelor Nation heartbroken and in tears—that is, until now.

Although fans had a hunch Becca would return on The Bachelorette, ABC waited until After the Final Rose special to confirm that the 27-year-old Minnesota native will officially be our next Bachelorette. Becca’s quest for love kicks off on May 28, and we will hopefully see her find the honest, accomplished, hunky hunk she truly deserves.

Since we pretty much cannot wait until May to find out more about this queen, we did a deep dive into Becca’s Instagram. Here’s everything we learned:

She is a publicist, so she can handle media attention

According to Us Weekly, after graduating in 2012 from Minnesota State University with a degree in mass communications, Becca landed a job as an account exec at a public relations firm—and was promoted to senior account executive in 2014. This means she can def handle all the media attention she’s getting.

Her dog is literally the cutest

Becca has an adorbs dog named Max. He’s a corgi and and we may have spent way too much time scrolling through her IG for pics of him. Can you blame us, though? LOOK. AT. THAT. FACE.

No need to lie about height when you’re a hard 10

A post shared by Rebecca Kufrin (@bkoof) on

She’s a bookworm

Finding love can be exhausting. So, like many of us, Becca resets her mind by curling up with a good book. According to her IG, she likes to get cozy on the sofa or relax in a bath with a glass of wine and a novel. And from her beautifully arranged bookshelves, it looks like she has quite the collection of must-reads. Maybe Becca should start a post-Bach book club? Sign us up.

Easy like Sunday morning #messyhairdontcare @kajbrady07

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Her father has a pond named after him

Becca’s father, Steve Kufrin, was not only incredibly important to her, but also to his community. Becca posted a photo on her IG of a letter given to her mother from the Fish and Wildlife Service, a conservation and resource organization. Her father, who passed away in 2009, had worked with landowners since 1990, helping to preserve wetlands on their properties. According to the letter she posted, three of the landowners who worked with him named a wetlands project “Kufrin Pond” in honour of Becca’s late father. “To hear stories about the positive presence that he had, and still has, on this world fills my soul in places I didn’t know existed,” wrote Becca in her post.

She stands up for women’s rights

Becca believes in supporting her fellow sisters. She attended the 2017 Women’s March in Minnesota with a friend, and proudly held a sign that read, “Keep your politics away from our lady bits.” Amen, sister.

In closing, she’s already waaaaay more interesting than Arie, and her season hasn’t even started yet.

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