5 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets From The Bachelorette Reunion Special

They might *actually* be the most dramatic reveals in Bach reunion history

Becca Kufrin, Rachel Lindsay and JoJo Fletcher all stand in a line and smile and cheer during The Bachelorette reunion special

Becca, Rachel and JoJo, basically embodying our feels about the return of The Bachelorette (Photo: Getty Images)

Friends, it’s almost time for Season 15 of The Bachelorette (!!!) and I cannot wait to once again have an excuse to drink wine on a weekday while screaming at the TV. It’s basically my version of sports—where we’re all, in theory, cheering on #TeamHannah.

To get us in the mood in advance of the May 13 premiere, Bachelor Nation pulled together all 15 Bachelorettes from the franchise’s history to spill some tea about what really went on behind the scenes during their season. And surprisingly, these ladies *actually* got super honest.

Here are six things we learned from the Bachelorette reunion that frankly, made us love these leading ladies even more.

Becca and Garrett’s really did the damn thing

During Season 14 of The Bachelorette, Becca Kufrin was clearly smitten with Garrett Yrigoyen from early on, so it should be no surprise that by the time Fantasy Suites arrived, they were ready to do the damn thing—and we’re not talking about their engagement. The hot and heavy couple, who are still together, had a wild first night according to Becca. “The night that Garrett and I spend the night together, we may have broken the bed,” she said during the Bachelorette reunion. #SorryNotSorry, amiright?

Becca Kufrin in a red dress looking slightly embarrassed during an interview on the Bachelorette

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Ali hooked up with one of her contestants after the show

Ali Fedotowsky, star of The Bachelorette Season 6, leaned in to the camera and said, “honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever told anybody this.” K, intrigued. Turns out, after the former Bachelorette and Season 6 winner Roberto Martinez split, Ali revealed that she hooked up with one of the other contestants, who had made it to the final three on the show.

Ali from The Bachelorette Season 6 nods during the reunion

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“After Roberto and I broke up, I actually went on a date with Frank, and we were romantic for, like, a night!,” said Ali, who has since gotten married and had two children. (ICYMI: Frank left Ali’s season because he still had feelings for an ex.) Honestly, love this for her. Get it girl.

JoJo’s first Bachelorette episode did not go as planned

JoJo Fletcher may look calm, cool and collected but Season 12 of The Bachelorette actually got off to a rough start. During the Bachelorette reunion show, JoJo revealed that she was so exhausted after filming that first episode that she got physically ill as she was walking back to her hotel room. “I projectile vomited on my first rose ceremony ever,” she said, adding that everyone thought she had just had too much to drink.

JoJo looks surprised during the first episode of The Bachelorette

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Rachel and Nick’s Fantasy Suite date was a literal snoozefest

One of my personal fave Bachelorettes, Rachel Lindsay, was one of the many Bachelor Nation alum who got romantically entangled with Nick Viall. However, according to Rachel, when she and Nick had their Fantasy Suite date, things weren’t as exciting as some of her other suitors.

Rachel Lindsay sits on a patio and says "Let's just be real" in this GIF

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“Something that most people don’t know about me is that I passed out in the Fantasy Suites when I was with Nick,” she said during the reunion special. “You know, it’s set up to be this romantic, passionate evening. For me it’s where I got my best night’s sleep.”

Kaitlyn sticks by the girl code

Kaitlyn Bristowe honestly seems like someone we need to hang out with. While the Canadian doesn’t typically play by the rules (she famously hooked up with Nick Viall before Fantasy Suites), she adheres to the girl code or, as Leslie Knope puts it, “ovaries before broveries.” After breaking up with Shawn Booth, the winner of Season 11, Kaitlyn ended up finding love with another Bachelor alum, Jason Tartick, who was a contestant on Season 14 of The Bachelorette. But, before anything happened, Kaitlyn checked in with her friend, and Jason’s ex, Becca.

Kaitlyn Bristowe during her season of The Bachelorette points and gestures off camera

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“What people might not know is that I chose to reach out to Becca before and make sure it was OK,” she said during the Bachelorette reunion. “I’m a big Becca guy, and I’m a classy lady.”

After taking us down a seriously juicy trip down Bachelor Nation memory lane, The Bachelorette also gifted us with a look at what’s coming up on Hannah’s Season 15—and it looks like Monday night is about to get hella entertaining.

The Bachelorette premieres on Monday, May 13. 

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