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Rachel Lindsay Just Said What We're All Thinking About The Bachelorette's Leo

Fear the dreaded "pity rose."

Becca Kufrin and Leo

Apologies to anyone out there shipping #Lecca but…we all know he’s not The One, right? Yes, he has long luscious locks and anyone who looks that much like Jason Momoa deserves to be on TV forever—but let’s be honest, Leo Dottavio and Becca Kufrin’s date on this week’s Bachelorette episode was dead-centre in the friend zone. You know it, I know it…and Bachelor Nation fave Rachel Lindsay for sure knows it.

Writing in her recap column for Us Weekly, Season 13’s Bachelorette vocalized her skepticism about this “couple”—and we were basically nodding through this entire read.

“It is not a good sign when the lead starts talking about the other men on a one-on-one date…There was no doubt [Becca] was having a good time and no doubt when the man bun came out, so did more of Leo’s personality. But, on this date, they seemed more like friends than lovers,” wrote the 33-year-old lawyer who is currently engaged to the winner of her season Peter Kraus, Bryan Abasolo.

Leo from Becca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette looks sad and surprised in this GIF

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Rachel then pointed to the most damning evidence against this duo’s legit made-for-TV Luuurrrrve Connection: Becca’s distinct lack of chemistry on the d-floor with this Hollywood action man.

“He opened up to her and it was really sweet; but again, I didn’t see or feel it. This was evident in their dancing!” wrote Rachel. “I take it he has never been a stunt man on a dance floor.” (Honestly, what kind of movie would that even be? Like, what is a ‘dance floor stunt’? The Hand Jive Competition from Grease but with knives and over a pit of fire? Actually, that does feel very on brand for this Khal Drogo lookalike.)

The former Bachelorette-turned-Bach Nation critic concluded her analysis by dropping a Bachelor bombshell. “I think Becca gave him a pity rose.” [Pause for dramatic effect] “Yes, there is such a thing.”

*GASP* Rachel is telling us that every single rose ever handed on the show isn’t indicative of a true and lasting passion?! If that’s the case: What does said “pity rose” even signify? That’s she keeping Leo around for entertainment value? (The guy does bring the LOLs when he decides to let man bun down.) Is he literally just filler because the producers thought it would be weird if she sent everyone home on the first night because she is *obviously* truly in love with Garrett? Or maybe he’s signed a hair deal conditional on him making it to Home Towns and Becca is just doing her pal a solid?

More importantly: Rachel, you need to tell us who got pity roses on your season. We know that’s not the reason why racist-tweeting-Lee Garrett stuck around as long as he did.

TBH, some roses are for sure not there for the right reasons—unless the “right reasons” are entertaining television and not actual love. Clearly, in the case of Becca and Leo, some roses are just there to make friends.

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