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Here's Who We *Think* Rachel Will Pick Tonight (Spoiler Alert, Obvs)

Yes, we could have just headed on over to our friend Reality Steve, but we haven't. Instead, these predictions are solely based on some (very basic) detective work

Our Bachelorette prediction suggests that Rachel picks Bryan tonight

Bryan Abasolo, a.k.a. the man who is most likely Rachel’s fiance (Photo: City)

Everyone knows we’re low-key obsessed with all things Bachelor Nation here at FLARE HQ. And if you’ve been following along with our Bachelorette coverage this season, you’ll know that we’re also low-key full-blown, Crazy Town OBSESSED with Peter, and that Bryan makes us want to throw up. (Too harsh?) Anyhoo, tonight Rachel will choose between Peter and Bryan (unless some sort of miracle happens and Eric *actually* makes it to the final two) and thanks to a few little hints that have been dropped by Bachelor Nation peeps—AND Rachel herself—we can’t shake the horrible feeling that she’s going to pick Bryan.

So, before tonight’s finale—to give you as much time as possible to prepare for letdown—here are all the little hints that have led us to believe Rachel is defs getting engaged to Bryan:

Bryan checks off all the boxes on Rachel’s husband list

When she first dropped the “I’m engaged” bomb during a press call (that we were lucky enough to be on) before her season even premiered, Rachel said that if she had a list—the guy she picked would check everything off. AND at the end of Bryan’s second 1-on-1 a few weeks ago, Rachel pretty much repeated that exact statement, just in slightly different words: “He has a lot of the characteristics I’m looking for in a husband.” Translation: She picks Bryan.

She told The Hollywood Reporter that she had to accept the fact she “can’t please everyone” when it came to her final pick

Um, sorry but is this not a straight giveaway that she picked Bryan? Because like, if she chose Peter pretty much everyone who watches the show would be more pleased than a kid on Christmas and their birthday combined (minus the ones who want to sign up for his season of The Bachelor, obviously). And hell, even if she chose Eric, people would be pleased/relieved that she at least didn’t choose Bryan. The only scenario where she *wouldn’t* please everyone is if she did in fact pick Bryan—he’s got a lot of haters.

Their Instagram dog selfies were preeetty similar

This one might be a wee bit of a stretch, but come. on. Tell me that’s NOT the same couch. Everyone knows a simple Instagram filter could have made Rachel’s pic look a little darker. Nice try, Rach.

Astrid totalllyyyy spilled the beans

OK so you’re probs thinking, who the actual hell is Astrid? She’s a former Bachelor contestant from Nick’s season—the one whose boobs almost fell out of her sports bra during the track and field date—and she pretty much just spoiled the entire finale in a recent FB Live interview with Entertainment Tonight. When asked if she knew what Rachel and her unknown fiancé had planned for an engagement party, Astrid said that they plan on celebrating in Dallas with the Lindsay fam and then—wait for it—go to Miami. If that’s not the BIGGEST GIVEAWAY EVER we don’t know what is. Come on Astrid, get it together girl.

Dean—a.k.a. our love-to-end-all-loves—might have slipped up a bit, too (don’t worry Deanie Baby, we won’t stay mad forever)

Pretty much everyone has been praying to all the gods that Dean will be our next Bachelor ever since Rachel sent him home. But when asked by E! News who he thinks should be the next Bachelor, Dean responded, “Hands down Peter for Bachelor 2018.” Hmmm, OK let’s break this small but MAJOR quote down. We all know Rachel obvs isn’t choosing Eric—let’s be honest, dude’s gonna be gone in the first five minutes of tonight’s ep *tear*—so by hypothetically taking Eric out of the running, and with Dean saying Peter should be the next Bachelor, all roads lead to Bryan as our winner. UGH.

Rachel has described her fiancé as a hopeless romantic 

While chatting with People about the lucky suitor who received her final rose, Rachel said, “He’s more of a hopeless romantic than I am!” Whoever Rachel is talking about in that quote, it’s so. not. Peter. Peter is *not* a hopeless romantic; he’s a skeptic and a realist. But Bryan on the other hand—the guy who said ILY in like five minutes, the guy who’s ready for a proposal and the guy who sticks his whole entire tongue down Rachel’s throat whenever he gets the chance—we would defs consider a hopeless romantic.

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