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Everything We Know About The Bachelorette's Peter W.

The man looking for his co-pilot in life

Season 15 Bachelorette contestant Peter W. poses in a black blazer and blue undershirt as he smiles for the camera.

(Photo: ABC)

For Peter W., also known as Peter Weber, finding the love of his life could mean travelling the globe in search of The One. This 27-year-old pilot from Westlake Village, California, could also offer The Bachelorette‘s Hannah the world if non-stop travel is her jam. And really, who wouldn’t want a man in uniform?

Peter W. and Hannah actually have a lot in common. He loves playing and watching football, he comes from a Christian family, and he isn’t afraid of adventure and trying new things.

Peter W.’s life as a pilot is also extraordinary to say the least (he’s been all over, from Hawaii, Cuba and Greece to Switzerland and Spain to name just a few places) so brace for impact as you learn more about this guy from the sky.

Romantic beginnings from his parents

Peter W. is close to his parents and he owes his ambitions to them. His pilot dad and flight attendant mom met on the job and Peter W.’s entire life has been spent chasing his sky-high dreams. Now he chases sunsets all over the world. Even if Hannah won’t be his co-pilot at work, she can still be one in his life.

United Airlines’ Big Bird

Not only can Peter W. charm Hannah, he knows how to spread his cheer for a good cause. The United Airlines pilot visits sick kids during the holidays, flaunting his feathers in a bird costume as he gives out gifts at Shriners Hospital for Children. If he carries this kind of Christmas spirit throughout the year then Hannah doesn’t ever have to worry about falling for a Scrooge.

Loves to dress up…Halloween style

Peter W. is a man who appreciates Halloween. (And why shouldn’t he? Whether you go trick-or-treating or bar-hopping the night away, this day is the best excuse to wear a costume and have fun.) But we’re hoping he’d trade in those toy guns for a less offensive couples costume with Hannah.

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Did somebody order some professional Nerf Players

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Lives with his parents

Peter W. has it all…almost. He has an established career, he’s on the path to finding love, and all he needs now is his own place to live. According to his ABC profile, this bachelor still lives at home with his parents. His family is probably just as sweet as he is but that doesn’t mean our bachelorette wants to live with them too. Let’s hope he has plans to move out soon.

Casually poses with celebs

Flying around the world has more perks than just being able to travel for free. Peter W. gets to meet some pretty famous people along the way, and sometimes he gets to take pics with them.

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Cabo with Adam Levine #maroon5

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