Everything We Know About Bachelorette Contestant Matteo V.

'Bachelorette' contestant Matteo V. can't resists selfies with animals. Find out what furry feline he snapped a pic with.

Matteo V, a contestant on The Bachelorette, poses for a photo wearing a brown leather jacket and black t-shirt standing against a teal background

(Photo: ABC)

Matteo Valles, 25, has the type of Facebook profile you could show your mother without holding your breath. So far, we haven’t stumbled on any photos from back in the dizay that are too scandalous. For the most part, The Bachelorette’s Matteo V. has lot of family photos and throwbacks to his years in uni. There are also a few random cheesy pics. In one studio-looking shot, he is holding a woman in his arms under an umbrella and simulated rain. (We get it, their chemistry is “so hot,” that nothing can dampen it.) In another pic, he is gleefully taking a selfie with a deer.  (We weren’t lying when we said random.)

The good news for Matteo V. is that Bachelor Nation is definitely feeling this kid. The comment section under his pic on the official Bachelorette Facebook page is filled with unquenched thirst. One fan commented, “I just got pregnant from his smile.”

Here’s everything we could dig up about The Bachelorette‘s Matteo V.:

Fear is not a factor for him  

Matteo V. is the adventurous type—and again, he sure loves those animals. In a Facebook pic from a few years back, he’s posing with a tiger. He’s sitting on the ground, trying his hardest to not look scared sh-tless while the tiger’s head is resting in his lap. We don’t blame him for his very awkward, “please don’t eat me” grin. We would be terrified, too. Especially since the tiger looks like he’s so bored of the photo opps and ready for lunch.

He’s an athletic chameleon  

According to Matteo V.’s LinkedIn profile, he is a certified advanced open water scuba diver, which sounds pretty impressive. How many people do you know personally who would willingly jump into deep water to hang out with sharks? He also has a bunch of other odd sporty pics. Aerial silk anyone? If chilling upside down while being suspended by rope in midair is your thing, then you’ll love you some Matteo V. He even has photos of himself doing a Tough Mudder challenge which, let’s be honest, sounds and looks way too intense.

He’s a model

Seriously, who isn’t these days? His Instagram page is private (womp!) but trust us, we have something even better. Matteo V. is what many would consider easy on the eyes, and he has a modelling portfolio to prove it. On his profile with modelling agency MP Management, he has an abundance of thirst traps for your viewing pleasure. There’s a pic of him gazing into the camera looking like a business man at a swanky law firm. Go with us on this. His glare is saying “Hey babe, you look like you’ve had a long day. Is it OK if I run you a bubble bath and order us something delicious from (insert your preferred food delivery service here)?” UM, YES PLEASE! And FYI, there’s a bunch of pics of him shirtless, too. You’re welcome.

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