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Everything We Know About The Bachelorette's Luke P.

This dude may not be on 'The Bachelorette' for the right reasons

(Photo: ABC)

Luke Joshua Parker, better known as Luke P., was a fan fave before Season 15 of the Bachelorette even began filming. Bachelor Nation fell hard and fast for this blue-eyed boy from Gainesville, GA. His pic received more than 2,200 likes within an hour on the official Bachelorette Facebook page. One fan left a comment under Luke P. pic on the Bachelorette Facebook page saying, “He was my fav out of the 5 ..I would have gave him the [rose].”

He snagged the coveted First Impression Rose on night one, but based on the trailer for the upcoming season, it looks like Luke P. may not be as dashing as Bachelor Nation/Hannah originally thought. “We all know that Luke P. is an evil, pathological liar,” Mike J. says in the quick lookahead at Season 15. He also confronts Luke P. saying, “You’re violent; you’re aggressive; you are a psychopath.” (Is anyone else having Chad flashbacks?)

Here’s what we were able to find out about the potential villain competing for Hannah’s heart.

He’s fresh from a bad breakup 

According to Luke’s sister, Hannah Parker (yes, his sister is also named Hannah), Luke P. was in a serious relationship a year ago. “This time last year, he went through a bad break up,” she told local paper, The Gainesville Times in an interview.

Clearly Luke P. is on the mend looking for love again now that he’s joining The Bachelorette, but we wouldn’t be surprised if his ex shows up at some point during Season 15.

Luke P.’s sister nominated him for The Bachelorette

Sometimes family really does know what’s best. According to the The Gainesville Times, Luke P.’s sister and his brother-in-law decided to play matchmakers by submitting his name for The Bachelorette. A few months later Luke got the confirmation call that he was going to be on the show, but kept the news to himself. The family didn’t find out he was going to be on the show until they watched After the Final Rose, where he met Hannah for the first time. “He didn’t really want to be on the show if it was anybody else other than [Hannah],” Luke’s sister, Hannah P. told The Gainesville Times.

We’re not completely sure what he does for work

Based on his LinkedIn profile, we know that Luke P. graduated with a degree in sports management in 2017—but his current job is unclear. On his profile, Luke P.’s most recent job is described as a “Current Entrepreneur,” supplemented by a part-time job of “CrossFit.” We’re not quite sure what his entrepreneurial endeavours entail, but The Gainseville Times reported that Luke P. works for his family’s business, Parker Warehouse—an import and export company that has been in operation for 45 years. So basically, this makes him The Bachelorette version of Corinne right?

His faith is important to him 

By the looks of what we can see on his private Instagram, Luke P. is deeply religious. In his profile, he has, “Jesus + Nothing = Everything.” His Insta page also references a scripture from a bible verse, Philippians 4:13, which states: “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”According to Mike Robertson, a member of the church Luke P. attends, The Bachelorette contestant helps with a college ministry and previously taught Sunday school classes.

This might win him points with Hannah B since she is a devout Christian and her Instagram profile reads: “I love Jesus with my whole heart.” Could these two legit be a match made in heaven? Based on the preview of what’s coming up this season, we’re not so sure.

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