You'll never guess what The Bachelorette's John Paul Jones does for a living

Here's everything we know about John Paul Jones and what makes him more than just a guy who says his name a lot

The Bachelorette's John Paul Jones in an blue dress shirt smiling at the camera.

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The name is John Paul Jones. Friends call him John Paul Jones. He calls himself John Paul Jones. And you can call him John Paul Jones. Say it three times and you won’t forget his name. But for the sake of brevity, let’s just call him JPJ. (Sorry, John Paul Jones.)

JPJ is one of the guys competing for Hannah B.’s heart on season 15 of The Bachelorette, and the 24-year-old’s catchy name isn’t the only thing you’ll be remembering about him. JPJ’s luscious blond hair is one of best features. (He needs to drop his hair routine ASAP.) But—sadly—he knows it. In a failed attempt at being bold, JPJ goes so far as to ask Hannah to cut a piece of his golden locks as a gift to her, symbolizing the sacrifice he would make for someone he loves. Yikes.

But what’s more cringe-y is his ignorance and rewriting of basic art history. JPJ tells her that he wants to do this because artist Vincent Van Gogh cut his ear off as a sacrifice to his greatest love, whom he gave said ear to. (LOL, what??? Is anyone going to tell him?) Just watch for yourself.

But there’s more to JPJ than his neat name and his amazing hair. JPJ is a financial analyst from Maryland, though ABC jokingly subs his name in for his occupation in his bio, because if he’s great at anything, it’s being John Paul Jones. Here’s what else we learned about him.

Ready to say ‘I do’

JPJ is a goofball, but we love that he also knows what he wants, especially when it comes to tying the knot one day. The last thing Hannah needs is a man with cold feet. Let’s hope his wedding dreams become reality by the end of the competition.

Two animated characters stand at an alter and say 'I do.'

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An outdoorsman

JPJ posts very little on his Instagram account, but a lot of his photos are of the great outdoors—something that Hannah can definitely get down with. He loves a scenic landscape with water, forests and fields, so exploring the wild definitely won’t be an issue for them.

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Into the abyss we go

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Nature provides and JPJ collects

Aside from his love of nature, JPJ is a fisherman and can make a pair of fishing waders look darn good. JPJ spends quite a bit of time on the water and has picked up a skill or two. Not only can he actually catch fish, his IG highlight reel shows that he aspires in the kitchen too.

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gone fishin’

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Woo! Got one🌹

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A theatre actor

Of all the contestants, JPJ would be the last one to come to my mind as a serious theatre actor. But, here we are. Some IG posts indicate that he performed in a play that clearly required some shirtless scenes, and there are no complaints here. Come for the acting, stay for the abs.

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Fancies the finer things in life

JPJ probably has an impressive collection of champagne considering it’s his favourite drink. Not only does he have expensive taste, we imagine he’d probably pair it with a bomb charcuterie board since he appreciates food so much. Maybe his next date with Hannah will be a romantic dinner that he cooks for her.

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Just another night in the kitchen.

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Three-syllable words only

JPJ’s bio says that he rarely uses words that are less than three syllables. Okaaaaay? One can only assume this means he has some seriously scintillating conversations.

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